PECO goes green with E-bikes


Panay Electric Company (PECO) recently launched their first set of electronic bikes (e-bikes), as the company's way of contributing to the protection of environment.

PECO employees and stakeholders with the newly launched e-bikes.

Supplied by Alternative Energy Trailblazers Inc (AET), the e-bikes will be used by PECO personnel in the field around Iloilo City.

PECO will be slowly phasing out their motorbikes and will be replacing them with e-bikes as an initiative to reduce carbon emissions and decrease expenses on gasoline.

The e-bikes run by simply charging them on a regular 220 volt socket and can go as far as 60 km in 1 full charge. They also have max speeds of 30 to 45 km/hr to get you safely to destination.

Since their top speeds don't go above 50 km/hr, the set of e-bikes also don't need to be registered by the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

PECO will also be selling and servicing these e-bikes soon around Panay Island.


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