2GO focuses sustainability program on energy, environment and empowerment

2GO ECO - Tree Planting 2023
2GO employees are actively engaged during the nationwide Tree Planting Activity at the La Mesa Nature Reserve.

2GO, the Philippines’ largest transportation and logistics solutions provider and part of SM Investments Corporation, recently launched its sustainability program, ‘2GO Earth and Everyone’ that represents its sustainability journey and commitments. The program kicked off with its nationwide tree planting activity in Manila, Bacolod, Iloilo, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, and General Santos.

The program is guided by core sustainability principles called: eco, efficient, embrace, empower and engage. These five pillars are in harmony with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), encompassing reducing carbon emissions, promoting equal opportunities, and supporting local economies in the regions where 2GO conducts its business.

“We want to preserve Tatang Henry Sy, Sr.’s principle that business growth should go hand in hand with social development. 2GO has been steadfast in integrating sustainability in its business operations for the benefit of our communities,” said Frederic C. DyBuncio, President and Chief Executive Officer of 2GO Group Inc. and concurrently President and Chief Executive Officer of SM Investments.


2GO is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact by implementing energy-saving measures like motion sensor lighting (yielding a 30-40% reduction in electric consumption) to operating multi-temp reefer vans, which can save up to 231.23 metric tons of carbon emissions. 2GO aims to enhance efficiency by optimizing shipments with diverse requirements, resulting in valuable time and resource savings.


2GO prioritizes the qualification of delivery drivers through a rigorous training program dedicated to promoting eco and defensive driving techniques. Moreover, 2GO requires its drivers to attain a 95% passing score before deployment, ensuring their accountability in upholding road safety and responsibility. Additionally, 2GO’s embedded security initiative includes a Cargo Loss Prevention Seminar. It also implements route optimization strategies.


22GO Odette Response

2GO ensures that individuals from all walks of life are encouraged to thrive within the organization with a workforce comprising more than 40% women.

2GO transported 500 tons of relief goods for the affected cities of the super typhoon Odette in 2021.


2GO partnered with 1,754 Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) nationwide in 2022. The company supports enterprises in moving goods and accessing new markets After Super Typhoon Odette in 2021, the company transported 500 tons of relief goods and contributed to power restoration efforts in affected cities.

2GO engages employees to promote volunteerism to foster a sense of shared responsibility among members.


2GO values volunteerism by involving employees in tree-planting activities, coastal clean-ups, and social good efforts. This also fosters a sense of shared responsibility among 2GO’s team members.

With its tree-planting activity, 2GO officially launched its sustainability webpage, https://www.2go.com.ph/sustainability/.

To read more about other SM subsidiaries’ sustainability efforts, check out SM Green Movement at https://smgreenmovement.com/.

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