Authentic flavors of Singapore at 186 Laksa Iloilo

186 Laksa at Sambag Jaro serves Katong-style Laksa of Singapore.

Ilonggos, taste the super flavorful Katong-style Laksa an other Singapore’s well loved dishes at 186 Laksa restaurant in Jaro, Iloilo City!

A quaint and cozy restaurant housed in Sinon building along the street of Barangay Sambag, 186 Laksa offers authentic flavors of Singaporean cuisine. The key ingredients of the foods that they serve like the laksa paste, kaya spread and sauces are directly imported from the Lion City.

This guarantees that the customers will experience the real taste of Singapore in every munch and gulp of their hearty meal!

“Our mission is to share the flavorful goodness of our specialties to those who are interested to try Singaporean delights without the need to fly overseas,” said Sheena Janay Santos, 186 Laksa consultant.

“Even for those who were already familiar that they would like to have another chance to enjoy these dishes once again. Most of all we are more than happy to offer them at reasonable and affordable prices,” she added.

Their signature dish, Katong style Laksa, comprises of creamy laksa gravy, rice noodles, shrimps, bean sprouts & egg. Their laksa also comes in two other variants: Vegetable Laksa and Seafood Laksa, both served with rice.

They also serve other Singaporean dishes such as shrimp paste chicken wings, popiah, rojak, and kaya toast.

LAKSA, Katong style. It has savory stock made from selected spices, with the creaminess of coconut milk and aroma of dried shrimp. Poured over a hearty bowl of rice noodles, fish cake, shrimps, hard boiled egg cuts and beansprouts. You may add a dollop of chili sauce to increase spiciness!

LAKSA RICE MEAL VARIANTS: Vegetable Laksa with Rice and Seafood Laksa with Rice

Vegetable Laksa with rice by 186 Laksa
Vegetable Laksa with rice by 186 Laksa.

Seafood Laksa with Rice of 186 Laksa
Seafood Laksa with Rice of 186 Laksa.

POPIAH. Fresh spring rolls filled with perfectly seasoned and juicy vegetables with a sweet fragrant sauce. Deliciously bursting with flavors!

SHRIMP PASTE WINGS. Chicken wings soaked in a special blend of aromatic shrimp paste marinade. Deep fried to a delicate and crispy golden brown.

ROJAK. Means ‘mixture’ or ‘eclectic mix’, rojak is an appetizing mixture of fresh fruits covered in a sticky sweet, sour and piquant sauce with crunchy peanuts sprinkled all over for added texture and flavor.

KAYA TOAST. Toasted slices of bread sandwiching cold creamy butter and a generous spread of kaya – a jam made of coconut and eggs.

If you have visited Singapore, most likely you are familiar with these food or even had the chance to eat them on their trip. Savor these yummy offerings at 186 Laksa!

186 Laksa is also offering FREE city-wide delivery with MINIMUM ORDER of 8 LAKSA bowls OR minimum consolidated order of other items worth Php 1,000 only. For less than minimum purchase, they will charge additional fees depending on location.

For more information and questions, feel free to call or text 0929 1333 296. You may also follow their Facebook page 186 Laksa or their Instagram @186Laksa for more details and promos.

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