Carlo’s Bakeshop opens new and improved branch in SM Hypermarket

Carlos Bakeshop SM Hypermarket

Carlo’s Bakeshop and Cafe launched its new and improved branch at SM Hypermarket in Jaro, marking a significant milestone for the brand which has been serving Ilonggos for 36 years. What once began as a humble venture supplying cakes to Sarabia Hotel has now flourished into one of the most sought-after bakeries in the city.

Now under the capable leadership of the next generation, the company has experienced remarkable growth, supported by a handpicked management team dedicated to its day-to-day operations. The refreshed Carlo’s Bakeshop Hypermarket store embodies the spirit of innovation and adaptation to cater to the ever-growing and discerning Ilonggo market.

Paolo Treñas, head of sales and marketing, emphasizes the importance of not resting on their laurels as pioneers.

“While it’s an honor to be known as one of the pioneers, we must continuously innovate and meet the needs of our market. We have updated our recipes retaining the classics favourites but giving them a new twist, ” Paolo shared.

Carlos Bakeshop SM Hypermarket

When asked about the identity they wish to project amidst these changes, Treñas proudly declares, “We are an Ilonggo restaurant with a rich Ilonggo heritage, and that core essence will always be our guiding principle.”

Today, Carlo’s Bakeshop takes immense pride in unveiling the doors of their newly renovated store. But the excitement doesn’t end there; they have plans to open two more branches, each reflecting further updates and improvements.

Carlo's Bakeshop family at revamped SM Hypermarket branch: (L to R) Sirs Gerry, Carlo, Ma'am Rosalie, and Sir Paolo.
Carlo’s Bakeshop family at revamped SM Hypermarket branch: (L to R) Sirs Gerry, Carlo, Ma’am Rosalie, and Sir Paolo.

During the opening day, Carlo’s Bakeshop offered the following exciting promos:

✅ Buy 1 Take 1 Big Loaf for first 100 customers
✅ Free Sampling of Best selling Caramel Cake
✅ Free Biscocho for first 50 customers who will buy a cake
The Iloilo’s homegrown brand also introduced two new cakes:  Sweet Infinity and Royal Indulgence. Sweet Infinity is moist 9-inch chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and glaze icing, filled with crema and dulce de leche, topped with a chocolate ganache swirl, cherries, and a chocolate fence on the side, elegantly edged with a chocolate ganache shell.

Royal Indulgence, on the other hand, is a 9-inch mocha chiffon cake with mocha-flavored whipping cream icing, filled with carat ganache and crema, topped with swirled mocha-flavored whipping cream and chocolate chips, and elegantly edged with chocolate ganache.

Gerry Treñas, the chef at Carlo’s, assured customers that their commitment to delivering quality food remains unwavering.

“We make sure we deliver only quality food and that all the goodness that you love is always there  as we move forward ,” Gerry affirmed.

The classic Merienda favorites, such as Pancit Molo, Lomi, and Arroz Caldo, continue to draw customers back to Carlo’s, not to mention their renowned crispy fried chicken and Pinoy-style fried chicken. However, the menu has been expanded to include new delights, including an all-day breakfast selection.

Carlo’s extends heartfelt gratitude to its loyal customers who have stood by them through thick and thin. Enduring numerous challenges, the company has emerged stronger than ever before.

As Carlo’s Bakeshop and Cafe embraces change and innovation, their unwavering commitment to excellence and preserving their Ilonggo heritage remains at the heart of everything they do. With a new era dawning for Carlo’s, customers can expect nothing less than exceptional experiences and delectable delights that have come to define this beloved bakery and cafe.

About Carlo’s Bakeshop and Cafe

Established in 1987, Carlo’s Bakeshop started as a cake supplier. As the market grew, it opened a commissary to manufacture and distribute packaged breads, pastries, cakes and pasalubong items to more customers and dealers.

Now handled by second-generation family members, the company provides consumers a wide array of tasty and quality baked products.

Carlo’s Bakery Café offers pastas, sandwiches, merienda items and a variety of dishes that suit the needs of Ilonggos.

As of 2021, the company has around 13 outlets and manufactured and distributed packaged breads, pastries and cakes to some dealers, supermarkets, convenience stores and institutions all over Panay Island.

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