GECO Philippines Partners with Alibaba Cloud to Offer Cloud Solutions to Empower Local Businesses

GECO Asia and Alibaba

GECO Philippines, a leading provider of technology consulting and talent solutions in the region, has announced a partnership with Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group. This collaboration aims to enhance GECO Asia’s cloud computing solutions in the local market, promising to revolutionize how businesses operate and innovate in the digital age.

The partnership was formally announced at a launch event attended by key figures from both organizations, including Rahul Kaul, CEO and Managing Director of GECO Asia Pte Ltd, and Allen Guo, General Manager for the Philippines, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, alongside Francis Arjonillo, Solutions Architect, Francine Geli, Marketing Manager, and Junella Vidal, Channel Partner Manager from Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Rahul Kaul, CEO of GECO Asia, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration with Alibaba Cloud marks a significant milestone for us. It allows GECO Philippines to expand our technological capabilities and offer cutting-edge solutions that will empower businesses not only in Iloilo but across the Philippines to thrive in the digital age.”

GECO Philippines Partners with Alibaba Cloud

Echoing this excitement, Allen Guo, General Manager for the Philippines, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, said, “_We’re dedicated to working with GECO Asia to provide the cloud technologies and solutions that help empower local companies in this digital transformation. By combining our expertise, we are poised to transform how businesses operate and innovate in this dynamic and competitive landscapeto drive business successes for enterprises of all sizes.”

Following the event, a series of Tech Immersions took place, covering topics such as Alibaba Cloud Solutions and Best Practices Overview, The Landing Zone for IT Governance Best Practices, and Cloud Native and Mobile App Suite. The goal was to equip GECO Philippines’ team with current insights and strategies to enhance their cloud services for clients, demonstrating a continued dedication to innovation and exceptional service in the digital realm.

During the tech immersion, Alibaba Cloud introduced their cloud services, enhancing various aspects of cloud solutions for onboard customers, cloud adoption, user experience, collaboration, and development:

Onboard Customers Development
• ChatApp Message Solution

Cloud Adoption
• Infrastructure Services: Computing, Storage, Networking, Database
• Cloud Migration
• Hybrid Security
• Cloud Backup

User Experience
• Secure DCDN
• Global Accelerator
• Cloud Desktop

• Cloud Desktop

• SuperApp
Mobile Testing

This partnership is set to transform how businesses operate in the Philippines. Cloud solutions enable seamless scaling of operations, cost optimization through pay-as-you-go models, and remote access to data and applications. These benefits are particularly advantageous for startups and SMEs striving to enhance resource efficiency while maintaining competitiveness.

As Philippine businesses increasingly adopt digital technologies to boost agility, efficiency, and customer experience, partnerships like this one play a crucial role in helping organizations achieve strategic objectives and stay ahead of the competition.

With a shared commitment to excellence and innovation, GECO Philippines and Alibaba Cloud are paving the way for a future where businesses of all sizes can leverage cloud computing’s full potential to achieve sustainable growth and success.

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