Avanceña statue rises in Arevalo Plaza

Chief Justice Ramon Q. Avanceña statue in Arevalo Plaza

The 7-foot statue of former Chief Justice Ramon Q. Avanceña at Arevalo District Plaza was formally unveiled on February 22.

Iloilo City Mayor Jerry P. Treñas, together with city government officials and department heads, and the descendants of Avanceña, led the unveiling ceremony.

“It is my great honor to be part of the unveiling of the statue of one of our very own distinguished public servants and an epitome of excellence, former Chief Justice Ramon Avanceña. Today’s unveiling is a celebration of his life, selfless dedication, and exceptional commitment to public service, justice and equity,” Treñas said.

Made by Ilonggo sculptor Harry Mark Gonzales, the statue was erected in recognition of Avanceña’s patriotism and as a testament to his enduring legacy that inspires the generations to come.

Justice Avancena statue

The city mayor is hopeful that the sculpture will inspire every Ilonggo to continue aiming for excellence.

He noted that as a leader himself, his motivation and inspiration stemmed from the former leaders who laid down the path and standard for quality and selfless public service.

“Let us always remember the vital role of our predecessors like Justice Ramon Avanceña in transforming our community into a better one. With the likes of Justice Avanceña and all other illustrious Ilonggos, we take immense pride in celebrating a culture of excellence. We can always say that we are proud to be Ilonggos,” he added.

History-wise, Avanceña served his country and the Filipino people for almost 60 years with deep sense of duty and resolute loyalty to principle.

United States President Calvin Coolidge appointed Avanceña as Chief Justice of the SC on February 28, 1925.

His legacy as a luminary in the field of law indelibly shaped the course of Philippine jurisprudence. His decisions resonate as milestone in the annals of Philippine legal history.

He steered the SC to its venerated position as the court of last resort, “rock of liberties” in absolute devotion to the rule of law. His colleagues referred to him as the Mirror of Justice.

Avanceña sets high standard of service for himself. He placed honor and self-respect above everything else.

He was focused in the belief that nothing is nobler than offering one’s life in service to God and country. (Iloilo City PIO)

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