Biz groups push for timely completion of Iloilo City markets

Final render of new Iloilo Central Market

Various sectors, including the business community, academe, barangays and the vendors themselves in Iloilo expressed their continued support for the ongoing redevelopment of the city’s two biggest public markets, the Iloilo Central and Terminal markets.

Through their respective statements of support addressed to Iloilo City Mayor Jerry P. Treñas and copies furnished to National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) Chairperson Lisa G. Nakpil and SM Supermalls President Steven T. Tan, they shared common sentiments and urged for the timely completion of the projects.

The Iloilo Central and Terminal markets are currently being redeveloped through a public-private partnership scheme with SM Prime Holdings.
Alongside other district public markets, their construction is set to be completed by December 2024.


Iloilo Economic Development Foundation (ILED) Inc. expressed its full support for the city’s efforts in these infrastructure developments and is eager to see the benefits these will bring to the community.

It pushed for a speedy completion of the projects, citing the impending La Niña that could affect both the market vendors in temporary market stalls and the ongoing construction.

“The successful completion of this project will not only enhance the economic vitality of our markets but also ensure the safety and well-being of all stakeholders involved,” the ILED statement, which was signed by its chairman Engr. Terence S. Uygongco, read.

Uygongco assures that ILED stands ready to collaborate with the city government and any relevant agencies to facilitate the acceleration of the projects.


The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI)-Iloilo Inc. through its president, Engr. Fulbert Woo is particularly concerned about the current displacement and relocation of the market vendors.

They pointed out that temporary stalls not only fail to provide adequate shelter, especially during rainy season, but have also contributed to severe traffic congestion, affecting both vendors and consumers.

This situation, they emphasized, is not only inconvenient but potentially detrimental to the economic activities that are vital for the local economy.

For one, the delays in construction may create difficulties in holding the city’s social activities, such as Dinagyang Festival, which are essential for both cultural and economic reasons.

“While these projects are crucial for the economic development of our city, the current situation poses significant challenges for our market vendors and the broader community,” Woo added.


The Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Iloilo, Inc. (FCCCII) also shared the same concern and observation.
It added that as the holiday season is also approaching, economic activity is expected to peak, further exacerbating the congestion caused by the temporary stalls.

“We believe that this will not only alleviate the hardships faced by our market vendors but also significantly improve traffic conditions during the holiday season and the Dinagyang Festival,” said Vicente Tang, FCCCII immediate past president.


The Iloilo Federation for Information Technology, Inc., also underscored the importance of the timely completion of the project.
“We have confidence in your leadership and commitment to ensuring that this project progresses smoothly and stays on schedule… We stand united in our support for the redevelopment of the Iloilo Central Market and the Terminal Market. We urge the NHCP and the Iloilo City Government to prioritize and expedite this project for the betterment of our community and city,” IFIT statement, penned by its president Jessraf Palmares, read.


The Philippine Retailers Association-Iloilo Chapter, likewise, cited that the initiative to redevelop the markets is an essential first step towards a future that is safer and more profitable for the retail industry in the metro.

“It is imperative that this project be completed on schedule by December 2024. We place our full trust in your ability to lead and dedicate yourself to pushing this project through to timely completion,” said Francis Chung, PRA-Iloilo president.

POPA Agriculture Cooperative

Members of Panay Organic Producers Association (POPA) also wrote Treñas and Nakpil to express the same support and appeal.

“It is imperative to recognize the immediate immense potential economic benefits this project holds for both our community and the city of Iloilo… We aim to ensure its timely completion by December 2024. Your continued commitment and assistance are vital in realizing this vision and ensuring that the project meets its intended deadlines,” POPA Agriculture Cooperative Chairman Louie S. Tirador emphasized.


University of the Philippines-Visayas (UPV) Chancellor Dr. Clement Camposano, in his letter to Treñas, described the same concern on the need to hasten the completion of the redevelopment of not only the Central and Terminal markets but also those in Jaro, Arevalo, La Paz, and Mandurriao as urgent.

He cited the significant economic disruption and congestion in vehicular traffic caused by the said projects, which also severely impact the lives of the economically disadvantaged.

“The University of the Philippines Visayas, for its part, shares your vision of a modern and progressive city and stands ready to assist the local government in whatever way it can. Nonetheless, it is important to recognize that the burden of economic disruption and congestion rests most disproportionately on the shoulders of the poor and marginalized,” Camposano expressed.

“It is the better part of citizenship for us to bear the cost of development, but we need to bear it equitably. It is therefore my hope that your administration will exert utmost effort to avoid further delays in these redevelopment projects,” he added.


The Liga ng mga Barangay-Iloilo City, under its president, Maria Irene D. Ong, stressed that the timely completion of the mentioned projects by December 2024 is crucial to realizing the benefits they would bring to the community.

The Liga cited that the redevelopment project promises to revitalize not only the markets themselves but also the surrounding areas and will stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and attract investment.

Thus, they strongly urge the NHCP and the Iloilo City Government to continue their steadfast support and ensure the project’s timely implementation.


While they fully support the city government’s developmental projects like the redevelopment of the markets, the banking sector, however, also relayed their sentiments coming from their respective clients about the difficulty and inconveniences of the temporary stalls of the market vendors along the packed and crowded streets in the city.

They also raised concerns about the traffic situation in the areas; sales dropped dramatically for businesses; the impending effect of La Niña; and the peril due to packed, crowded, and narrowed roads.

“We are looking forward to the completion of this project. This will again boost the economic activities of the area aligned with the business development of the ‘Economic Triangle of Iloilo City,” said Gabriel Gaby F. Lim, Bankers Association of Iloilo, Inc. president.


The Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) Inc.-Iloilo Chapter also urges a swift response and action from the NHCP.

“We believe that this project presents an invaluable opportunity to revitalize our community and enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors alike. We are excited and proud of the improved infrastructure, increased vendor space, and possible new amenities that will significantly improve the overall experience of all who wish to visit,” PICE-Iloilo said in a statement signed by its president Mavi Gustilo.


The Jaro Big Market Vendors Association, through a statement signed by its president Nestor Lubaton and officers, also expressed their strong support and appeal for the on-time completion of the two biggest markets.

Also citing the impact and benefits of the said markets, the vendors strongly urge the NHCP “to expeditiously facilitate the redevelopment completion, recognizing the immediate safety concerns faced by our fellow vendors and the immense potential economic benefits this project holds for the entire market district and the city.”

They appealed to Treñas and the city government to continue their active support and facilitate the redevelopment project, ensuring its timely completion by December 2024. (Iloilo City PIO)

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