Caring for pets can be costly, but it’s always worth it

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Only devoted and loving fur parents can truly know the value of caring for a pet—and only they can understand how the unconditional love of their fur babies improves their mental and physical health and their overall quality of life.

Whenever a pet owner says that, in some ways, dogs and cats are better home companions than other people, there is a deep truth to what they claim. After all, pets don’t judge their fur parents; they are never intentionally mean; and they are often more loyal and loving than some humans.

According to the American Heart Association, pet ownership can improve work productivity, reduce stress and anxiety, and that the social connection and loving relationship between fur parents and their fur babies can bring a “sense of goodwill, joy, nurturing and happiness.”

However, having a pet, or even several pets as members of the household isn’t easy. Furry friends are living things, after all, with personalities, feelings, and emotional as well as physical needs. Having a pet is similar to caring for any other family member. And that involves regular expenses. Besides food and water, they too need vaccinations and medical care.

Devoted to Max

One devoted pet owner, Roy, shared that he is currently caring for a dog who is already a senior in dog years. “We have three dogs and two cats in our house. The most senior among them is Max, who is part Labrador. We’ve had him since he was a puppy. Now that he’s a senior dog, we spend more on his medical care because of some age-related conditions,” he narrated.

Due to a Labrador’s genetic predisposition, Max was at higher risk for developing chronic liver problems. One time, Max had to undergo liver tests for several days; each test cost about P4,000 per day. Then there were the blood tests that also cost nearly P4,000.

“Our costs kept going up, including the blood test, fecalysis, medicines, and the accommodations at the pet hospital,” Roy recalled. By the time Max had recovered from his illness, his veterinary bills had reached more than P30,000.

That’s the reason why he recently availed of a pet dog and cat insurance plan from BDO Insure at He likes that the product has an affordable base price of only P560 per year for the Basic Plan—with the option to add more benefits, including coverage for specific illnesses.

Roy said he finds it convenient that the pet dog and cat insurance plan can be processed fully online and considers it an extra benefit for a fur parent like him, who’d rather spend more time with his beloved dog than having to go out and purchase insurance.

Whether their pets are young, energetic and playful, or are seniors who aren’t so frisky anymore, fur parents like Roy will benefit from getting pet insurance. They can rest assured that they will have the financial protection to help them take care of their beloved dogs or cats should a health challenge come their way.

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