Say It With A Cake, Say It Through Carlo’s Minimalist Cakes

Carlo's Minimalist Cake

Here’s a new trend in cakes. Maybe it’s because of the pandemic, maybe it’s the Korean telenovelas you watched endlessly at home. Maybe it’s social distancing, or maybe you just need to feel connected. Whatever it is, the new Minimalist Cakes by Carlo’s Bakeshop has done it again.

Carlo’s Bakeshop Minimalist Cake giving consumers a way to express themselves through a customized cake. Carlo’s is big on finding goodness in the moments of life, from anniversaries to promotions, and other celebrations. You can say it with their minimalist cakes, even just a simple hugot line to your crush when you didn’t have the guts to do so.

These cakes popularized by Korean TV shows have brought out the creativity in Ilonggos, with funny lines they customize and send to friends, family, or lovers.

It’s definitely a craze. So get it now at Carlo’s. You can ask for chiffon made of vanilla with cream or chocolate moist with cream. And you can customize your icing color and greeting.

Carlo’s has made it easy to give to more friends and family. They even have a like promo online for most creative minimalist cake. Head on to their Facebook page, Carlo’s Bakeshop and Cafe, for details of the promo. Hurry, join now and send them your hugot lines and pictures of creative minimalist mice.

Hurry, try Carlo’s minimalist cake. Say it with cake. Say it with Carlo’s. To order call 321 1592 0963 802 7050 or order online on

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