Cayetano facilitates release of funding for UPV projects

University of the Philippines Visayas

Senator Pia Cayetano pushed for funding amounting to 6.3 million pesos in the General Appropriations
Act (GAA) to support UP Visayas projects this 2023, and as part of her Futures Thinking and
Strategic Foresight Initiatives.

The program title is “Capacity Building, Policy Review, and Innovative Legislation Toward Coastline
Protection and Development for a Sustainable Future.” The program is designed with the general
aim of protecting and developing coastlines and communities for a sustainable future.

UPV proposes a three-year program that shall accomplish the following:
1.) Establish partnerships for integrated coastline protection, resilience, and sustainable
development through Science and evidence-based capacity development and stakeholder
2.) conduct policy review and publish a development compendium that contributes to coastline
protection and resilience, and to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the country; and
3.) draft proposed legislation creating a National Center for Coastline Protection, Resilience, and
Sustainable Development.

Chancellor Clement C. Camposano, for his part, thanked Sen. Cayetano for trusting the University,
adding that, "this is concrete evidence of 'futures thinking.'" (IPO)

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