Chicken Maru serves best Korean chicken at SM City Iloilo

The Korean fried chicken restaurant Chicken Maru is now serving Ilonggo diners at the Food Hall of SM City Iloilo.

Chicken Maru went straight from Korea to Iloilo, opening the first of popular fried chicken franchise in the country here at the City of Love.

What’s great about Chicken Maru is their fried chicken itself: deep fried very well, tender and juicy but not greasy, with spicy and buttery taste. The breading is crispy and lightly seasoned, just right for the assortment of flavors of your choice.

Spicy chicken lovers have the option to choose from the following sauces: seasoned spicy, garlic soy sauce, hot garlic soy sauce, cheese chili, spring onion sauce, and snow flower varieties of cheese, onion and soboru.

Chicken Maru also offers Combo Meals: a choice of perfectly seasoned fried chicken with rice, drinks and raddish pickle side dish which makes you eat more chicken!

If you want to have filling snacks which is also healthy, order Maru Salad on Caesars or Thousand Island dressings.

End your spicy chicken meal with a taste of Melona, a melon-flavored ice bar perfect as dessert to cool down your palate.

So each time you have that fried chicken craving, head to SM City Iloilo Food Hall and dine at Chicken Maru for the best Korean fried chicken!

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