LOOK: UP team offers COVID-19 Sanitation Tent design for free

UP Diliman designs Covid-19 sanitation tent.

Once again, students and alumni of the University of the Philippines (UP) have some great contributions up in their sleeves in the fight against the dreaded Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). The team will be pioneering a sanitation tent which will be really useful in virus disinfection.

In a Facebook post which went viral online, the UP Diliman team said that they have started an affordable and easy to build COVID-19 Sanitation Tent that can be used in any but not limited to the following settings: Hospital Entrances, MRT/LRT stations, bus stops, offices, grocery stores, and public markets.

“The design will be open source. It will use readily available materials from local hardware stores. Once the design is final, we will send it to all the contacts that we have. All LGUs (local government units) and institutions can use it, free of charge,” the statement said.

The UP Diliman team is encouraging everyone to add contacts of LGUs, institutions, and persons that will benefit from the project.

“By adding contacts to our database, you are helping us spread solutions as fast as possible. Once the design is ready to be shared, feel free to disseminate it through your social media accounts,” the statement added.

Here’s the link on how to add Contacts: tinyurl.com/covidsanitationtent. For questions and concerns, you may email the UP team at covidsanitationtents@gmail.com.

The UP Diliman team working on this free design of COVID-19 Sanitation Tent is composed of Industrial Designers, Chemists, and Engineers from the College of Fine Arts, College of Science, and College of Engineering in UP Diliman.

Recently, another UP team of scientists led by Dr. Raul Destura has developed SARS-CoV-2 PCR detection kit which will also be used in COVID-19 testing. The testing kit which is capable of fast detection and more affordable at P1,320, was already approved by Food and Drug Administration but it’s still waiting for “emergency use listing” of World Health Organization before it can be used.

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