DILG-6: Iloilo City a model for LGUs

Iloilo City Government was cited by the Department of the Interior and Local Government-Western Visayas (DILG-6) as example for Local Government Units (LGUs) to follow in terms of improvement of Business Permits and Licensing System (BPLS).

“We thank Iloilo City for supporting BPLS, for serving as a model for other LGUs in enhancing business regulatory framework, and for showing that all of this is possible,” said DILG-6 Regional Director Anthony Nuyda.

He congratulated the city for continuously crafting innovations that continue to shape and advance the lives of its constituents.

The DILG official said he has been a witness how Iloilo City strode side by side with innovations giving birth to and living with practices that are truly in one with nation’s goals for inclusive growth and development.

“Innovations have become the city’s niche where it continuously expands its horizons in terms of service delivery to the populace. Through collaborative efforts emanating from all sectors and stakeholders, Iloilo City unstoppably climbs to the pedestal of excellent local governance,” Nuyda stressed.

“It does not only highlight the city’s proactivity, of how it responds to the call of this fast changing and challenging world. Above all, it illustrates how the LGU transcends the usual patterns of strategic interventions and immerses itself in the fields of excellence,” he added.

“These historical achievements and innovations are not merely best practices. They will form part and parcel of the gains in the search for excellence in the city and to the nation as a whole,” the DILG-6 chief said.

As another milestone and immense step in the historic achievements, the launch of the Online Business Registration System, Mobile Money Payment System and Virtual Promotion Center is another proof of city’s innovative prowess.

“Upon hearing news of launching, we in DILG proudly commend the city of Iloilo for being one of the pioneers who did far more than living within the existing standards,” said Nuyda.

“With admiration, we render our high hopes for this milestone. To the City Government under the able leadership of Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog, we extend our sincerest congratulations,” he added.

“Developments embraced technology – a cause which BPLS Teams all over the nation have been advocating. The marriage between technology and streamlined operations will truly bring accessibility and transparency in business transactions closer to our clients,” Nuyda explained.

The city has found and will nurture a link that has fostered BPLS and has turned it into a more efficient springboard of economic advancement.

“In a world where virtual media and other technological influence touch the lives of our people, Online Business Registration System, Mobile Money Payment System and Virtual Investment Promotion are very opportune gateways for business transactions to be simplified and accessible,” Nuyda said.

This has opened door for paperless transactions thus drawing a smile to environment and promoting efficiency.

BPLS program centers on improving registration service which is usually the first point of contact between private local businesses and LGU. It ensures that registration procedure is simple, predictable, and transparent.

With BPLS as mechanism and LGUs as areas of operation with collaboration, results have been felt and achieved.

Efforts of LGUs and other stakeholders in terms of enhancing their business processes and related services through the BPLS are gradually paying off.

LGUs nowadays continue to develop if not maintain the intended result of BPLS program.

Under DILG’s Building Business-Friendly and Competitive LGUs, business regulatory processes and frameworks currently abide with tenors of Anti-Red Tape Act.

These legal policies have set standards within business permitting and licensing context which LGUs should comply with. All interventions have their arrowheads pointing towards providing a business-friendly environment in LGUs in which enterprises and business establishments can flourish.

Enhancing business climate requires simplifying processes and providing legal and regulatory frameworks that promote competition and growth while protecting public welfare and the environment.

Innovations are multidisciplinary and interactive – this connotes that technology and LGU partnerships have played a vital role in its creative process. Avenues have been opened and it is time for developments to rush in – this is not just a step but a leap of existing and imminent successes, Nuyda concluded.

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