ERC chair graces 3rd batch of MORE Power Bill Deposit Refund

ERC chair Monalisa Dimalanta with consumers who get their Bill Deposit Refund

More Electric and Power Corporation (MORE Power) continues to refund the bill deposit of eligible Iloilo City consumers, with Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) chairperson Atty. Monalisa Dimalanta gracing the third batch of turnover on Thursday, August 3.

A total of 65 consumers were deemed eligible as of July 2023 to get their bill deposit refund, and 54 of them went to MORE Power to process it. Twenty-eight went to the event to personally claim their checks.

The distribution utility released P173,000 to those 54 who availed the bill deposit refund.

In her speech during the turnover ceremony, Dimalanta praised the eligible consumers for doing their part of paying their utility bills on time.

ERC chairperson Atty. Monalisa Dimalanta
ERC chairperson Atty. Monalisa Dimalanta

“All of those elements are working as they should because you did your part as consumers, you paid your bills on time, the utility respected the law which required the return of the deposit when they paid on time. If all the elements do their part correctly and do their part responsibly, shared responsibility will yield mutual rewards,” Dimalanta said.

Jonathan Zarraga, one of the claimants, said that the bill deposit refund he received is an “unexpected blessing” from the distribution utility.

Mr. Jonathan Zarraga, one of the claimants of Bill Deposit Refund
Mr. Jonathan Zarraga, one of the claimants of Bill Deposit Refund, shared his appreciation for the refund and the service of MORE Power.

“I would like to thank the MORE Power organization led by Mr. Roel Castro, and the whole management team, departments, down to the linemen, for providing good service and for this ‘unexpected blessing.’ Personally, I never expected to get anything from MORE because sa serbisyo palang sang MORE, I am satisfied. So in return, I paid my bills on time,” Zarraga said.

MORE Power made it easier to pay the bills promptly by putting up many payment centers and even implementing online payment, he added.

Who are qualified and can claim the bill deposit refund

According to the Magna Carta for Residential Electricity Consumers, a consumer who has paid his electric bills on or before the due date for three consecutive years is entitled to Bill Deposit refund.

For MORE Power customers, here are the following qualifications:

  • Registered customers who have a valid service contract with MORE Power;
  • Registered customers who have paid their Bill Deposit to MORE Power; and
  • Registered customers who have paid their electric bills on or before its due date for three consecutive years.

Note: Only registered customers, their heirs, successors-in-interest, or authorized representatives can receive their refund.

How much is the refund? The amount a qualified customers will get includes the principal bill deposit and its interests. Refunds can be in check or credit to future billings.

To claim the bill deposit refund, registered customers must bring valid ID such as driver’s license, passport, PRC license, etc. For their authorized representatives, they must bring valid ID of registered customer and authorized representative Special Power of Attorney (SPA) to claim the bill deposit refund.

If you have any inquiries about the Bill Deposit Refund Program, feel free to contact MORE Power at 330-(MORE) / 330-6673. You may also reach them online via email at or direct message at the MORE Power Iloilo Facebook page.

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