By | January 27, 2020

Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT-U) will provide free transportation services to its students and personnel through their 60-seater University Bus.

ISAT-U Public Information Office, through its Facebook page, said that initiative is introduced to ensure the optimized utilization of government resources in education.

All bonafide students and personnel of ISAT-U are qualified to avail of the free transport service. However due to limited maximum capacity of the University Bus, the following order of priority will be observed: 1) Persons with Disability (PWD), 2) Senior Citizen, 3) Female Students, 4) Male Students, 5) Female Personnel, and 6) Male Personnel.

Schedule of Trips
bus trip schedule

ISAT-U Bus Trip Schedule

On Monday, the University Bus will ply the route of Tagbak Terminal via Jaro Plaza going to ISAT-U. Pick-up point will be in Tagbak Terminal at 7AM.

From Tuesday to Friday, the Bus will pick up students and personnel from Jaro Plaza to ISAT-U on two trips, 7AM and 7:20AM.

To ensure safety of the passengers, speed limit of the University Bus should not exceed 40km/hr.

Dry run of free bus ride will commence Tuesday, January 28 until Thursday, January 30.

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