Road to Gintong Kalasag Award: Jenith Mijares on Pursuing Excellence, Passion, and Purpose

Jenith Mijares of Sun Life is the top financial advisor in the country

Here’s another feat by an Ilonggo! Jenith Mijares, a Sun Life financial advisor based in Iloilo City, won the prestigious Gintong Kalasag Award last May.

This award is like the Oscars for life insurance advisors, given by the Philippine Life Insurance Advisors Awards (PhiLIAA). Out of the top 10 winners, nine are from Sun Life, and Jenith, the sole representative from Visayas and Mindanao, grabbed the no. 1 spot.

Jenith’s story is like a guide to being a Sun Life financial advisor – chasing your dreams (and financial security) – while empowering Filipinos to become financially secure and live brighter lives.

Unexpected Recognition for Unwavering Dedication

“While I always aimed to deliver exceptional service, I never prioritized awards and recognition, believing that diligent work would naturally lead to acknowledgment. The Gintong Kalasag Award was a testament to the unwavering dedication I have put into my role, emphasizing the value of hard work and client-centric service in achieving success,” Jenith shared.

“Receiving the award was an incredibly humbling experience. It underscored the trust and support of my clients and the dedication I have toward helping them achieve financial stability. This recognition reflects Sun Life’s unwavering commitment to excellence,” she added.

Helping Ilonggos Live a Brighter Life

Jenith’s success is the perfect example of how a career as a Sun Life financial advisor can offer one flexibility, financial rewards, and the chance to make a real difference.

Profit with a Purpose: Financial security is a top need for many Ilonggos, and Jenith tackles this by becoming their Partner for Life. “I educate my clients about saving, investing, and insurance, helping them create a roadmap to long-term financial stability,” she explained. She even shared a heartwarming story about a young client who, with her personalized guidance, was able to settle all his debt, build an emergency fund, and start investing for the future.

Passion: Empowering others to achieve financial security and freedom is one of her passions. She is committed to helping individuals and families build a solid financial foundation through personal advice. Additionally, she has been offering scholarships to less fortunate and indigenous college students since 1999. This allows her to support generations and ensure they have the opportunities to succeed.

Play: Jenith knows the importance of a work-life balance to achieve a brighter life. “The role allows me to manage my schedule effectively, work hard, and still pursue my passions,” she shared, adding that, “Sun Life also provides exceptional travel incentives.” Under Sun Life’s incentive program, she was able to go to exciting destinations like Korea, Japan, Portugal, and Croatia. These trips aren’t just rewards for hard work, they’re also chances for personal growth and meeting new people.

Your Next Big Gig as a Sun Life Financial Advisor

Are you feeling inspired by Jenith’s journey? Consider being a Sun Life financial advisor as your Next Big Gig. Jenith says to go for it!

“Seize this opportunity with enthusiasm and commitment. This career allows you to positively impact other’s’ lives while enjoying flexibility and personal growth. Focus on building strong relationships with your clients and continuously expanding your knowledge. With dedication and a passion for helping others, you can achieve remarkable success and fulfillment in this rewarding profession.”

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