Iloilo City eyes future prosperity in business symposium

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In a strategic move to secure its position as a leading investment destination, Iloilo City recently hosted the Business and Investment Symposium on March 21.

The event, which took place at Hua Siong College of Iloilo, brought together more than 500 advocates and leaders from key sectors to collaborate on propelling the city’s economic and sustainable development.

Iloilo City, having climbed the ranks to become the fourth richest city outside Metro Manila in 2022, has embarked on an ambitious journey to leverage this newfound economic stature. Industry leaders and stakeholders have dived into in-depth strategies, laying the groundwork for sustainable growth.

Bea Mary Zaragosa Espino
Iloilo City Eyes Future Prosperity in Business Symposium

The symposium featured a roster of esteemed speakers, including legal and regulatory heads from various utility sectors, such as Atty. Jon Cerlan P. Bangoy of Metro Pacific Iloilo Water, Engr. Roy C. Pacanan from the Iloilo City District Engineering Office, Atty. Allana Mae Babayen-on of MORE Power, and VP External of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Iloilo Chapter Mr. Jerduen “Noi” Dongor, and city government officials.

At the forefront of the discussions were the imperative roles of water, electricity, transportation, and infrastructure in shaping Iloilo City’s investment landscape.

The symposium underlined the importance of modernizing infrastructure and embracing smart solutions to boost efficiency, expand access, and guarantee long-term sustainability.

Bea Mary Zaragosa Espino
Iloilo City Eyes Future Prosperity in Business Symposium

Significant emphasis was placed on the synergy between public utilities, government agencies, and private stakeholders in overcoming challenges and unlocking development opportunities.

The event highlighted Iloilo’s potential as a burgeoning economic and sustainable hub, capable of attracting and retaining investments while improving the quality of life for its residents.

Atty. Babayen-on voiced MORE Power’s commitment to collaboration, underscoring the need for consumer and stakeholder support to address issues such as water leaks and system inefficiencies. “We promise and we hope nga batyagan niyo ang amon promise to be a reliable partner,” Atty. Babayen-on stated, echoing the sentiment that MORE Power is striving to contribute to Iloilo’s growth.

Iloilo City’s rising status as a prosperous city, recently ranked fourth outside Metro Manila for Gross Domestic Product per capita, mirrors its economic boom.

Amidst the flurry of development projects, MORE Power asserts its role as a steadfast ally for the city’s ongoing economic ascent.

Babayen-on cited the city’s burgeoning status as a gastronomy hub with competitive costs, attracting investor attention.

“We are prepared for any level of investment and demand,” Babayen-on assured, noting their proactive approach with the DOE and ERC to anticipate the city’s needs.
“We want to convey that no matter the investments, no matter the megawatts, we can provide it. We are taking this step not just as a distribution utility but actually going to the level of DOE, ERC, telling them this is the projected demand of the city,” she added.
From 2020 to 2022, the company’s impact included a P4.99 billion boost to the Gross City Domestic Product and the creation of over 6,693 jobs.

Babayen-on spotlighted MORE Power’s initiatives such as the IKonek program, which eases the process of acquiring legal electricity connections, among other customer-centric services.

MORE Power’s commitment transcends energy distribution, as shown by their investments in GIS technology, a new control center, and projects to enhance Iloilo City’s aesthetics, such as an underground distribution system.

Babayen-on also underscored the pivotal role of reliable electricity in economic prosperity and the negative impact of the region’s previous power outages.
“… if power is consistent we would see growth. If power is unreliable it would really cost the city and province billions of pesos.”
As Iloilo City evolves into a key investment destination, MORE Power pledges consistent energy support.

The company also aims to extend its services to Iloilo’s second and fourth districts, including Passi City, reinforcing its promise of reliability, affordability, and sustainability in aiding the city’s economic journey.

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