Iloilo City council amenable to CPBO amendments

The Iloilo City Council is amenable to the request of city mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog to amend certain provisions of Regulation Ordinance 2013-344 otherwise known as the 2013Comprehensive Perimeter Boundary Ordinance (CPBO) principally authored by city councilor Plaridel Nava.

The amended CPBO will ensure the return of the public utility car pass system and the San Pedro Molo terminal to stay put in the same area for us of public utility vehicles originating from the province of Antique.

Nava said these two provisions were erased in the CPBO but returned in the newly amended CPBO from its original provisions in the 2004-268regulation ordinance.

Mabilog has suspended the implementation of the CPBO through Ordinance No. 2013-472 with a letter to the city council dated December 5, 2013as the city was bracing up for major road widening projects and the installation of traffic lights.

The city mayor, in his letter dated January 9, 2014 to the city council said that “considering that Regulation Ordinance 2013-344 is no longer applicable due to the continuing need to establish an effective and efficient traffic management within the city, the ongoing road construction,expansion and widening and improvement within the major thoroughfares in the city and the need to further strengthen and coordinate all concerned offices,the undersigned would like to request the honorable members of the city council for the passage of an ordinance to repeal Regulation Ordinance No. 2013-344 and create a new PBO Regulation Ordinance following similar provisions to that of Regulation Ordinance No. 2004-268 as amended until a new ordinance is passed bythe city council that would best fit all the developments and projects the city is undertaking.”

The amended CPBO is immediately implementable upon approval of the city council. By LydiaC. Pendon

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