Iloilo City is safest city in Western Visayas

Though Iloilo City is a highly urbanized city and the regional center of Western Visayas, it was revealed as the safest area in the region.
Iloilo City safest in Western Visayas
Based on records of the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) as submitted by the Philippine National Police (PNP), it is safer to visit, enjoy and invest in the City of Love. The PNP latest report showed the crime volume, crime incidence rate and crime solution efficiency rate from the second quarter of 2011 up to the present.

NEDA regional assistant Raul Anlocotan, in his report on the regional economic situationer to the local media, said the crime situation in Iloilo City has gone down tremendously and lauded efforts of Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog and the Iloilo City police office headed by SSupt. Marietto Valerio in providing a safe and secured atmosphere free from celebrated and heinous crimes during the period.

The PNP report showed that Iloilo City has lowered crime volume of 421 incidents in the second quarter of 2011 as compared to 262 in the second quarter of 2012 thereby posting a 37.76 percent change.

Iloilo City posted a lower crime volumes as compared to Bacolod City with 605 crimes, 13.5 percent higher than last year’s second quarter.

As to the crime incidence rate, Iloilo City posted down a significant decline from 31.97 to 19.89 percent in the same period with a 37.78 percent change as compared to Bacolod with 31.50 to 35.76 and posting an increase of 13.52 percent change in the same period.

Crime solution efficiency also posted an increase from 46.08 to 62.97 percent by posting 36.64 percent change in the same period. Bacolod City posted a negative 65.41 percent change from 66.41 percent to only 22.97 percent during the same period.

Anlocotan said that with these developments on the peace and order situation in Iloilo City, it should not be a surprise that investors would come and settle in the city before considering other areas in Western Visayas.

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