Iloilo City Gov’t partners with UPV in retraining traffic aides

traffic aides in iloilo city attends traffic academy

More than 300 of Iloilo City’s traffic aides attended the Traffic Academy Friday, October 7 at the Little Theater of UP Visayas. The program is designed to further capacitate the participants to deliver their duties responsibly and excellently.

UPV supports the initiative of the City Government to elevate the performance of traffic aides by educating them about road safety, traffic ordinances, traffic signals, stress management, and work ethics.

“This is to ensure that all our traffic aides will be retrained in all aspects so that they can better assist our motorists,” Mayor Jerry P. Treňas said.

Retired PCol. Uldarico A. Garbanzos, Executive Assistant for Community Welfare, facilitated the troop formation and inspection early this morning before the program started.

Mr. Jeck D. Conlu, City Government Department Head II of the Public Safety and Transportation Management Office (PSTMO), welcomed all the participants during the program.

UPV Chancellor Clement C. Camposano gave a short message to inspire the participants to look forward to all the learnings they will generate from the various speakers.

Mr. Jonas G. Torres, Transportation Regulation Officer II Ms. Riza Otayde, and Driver’s Education Center Instructor Mr. Ryan John Apalacio from the Land Transportation Office (LTO) talked about road safety. Atty. Llonil R. Viterbo, Atty. Riza Ann T. Toledo, and Atty. Joseph Edward P. Areño from the City Legal Office discussed traffic ordinances.

The basic traffic signals were presented by Police Executive Master Sergeant Jun Maganto Batilo from the Highway Patrol Unit of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Meanwhile, Dr. Rebecca Conlu-Gregorios from the City Health Office talked about stress management. UP High School in Iloilo Principal Prof. Alfredo B. Diaz discussed work ethics, emphasizing the importance of honesty and promptness in their line of work. (UPV IPO)

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