Iloilo City a touchstone for sectoral initiatives

Iloilo City‘s best management and environmental practices have become the standard for other institutions and organizations that plan to improve their own initiatives.
City Planning and Development Office Head Jose Roni Penalosa
City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) head Jose Roni Peñalosa said Iloilo City is the only local government unit (LGU) worldwide that was awarded the Palladium Award, relative to its being a Hall of Fame awardee for Balance Scorecard under the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA).

Meanwhile, Peñalosa related that 17 representatives of Korea’s Local Administration Training Institute (LATI), an institution accredited to provide and organize visits in foreign countries to study development planning and governance visited Iloilo City on Wednesday.

The visitors, who were from Bucheon, Seoul South Korea, studied the city’s environmental practices and programs, parliamentary procedure, balance scorecard, and development planning, especially on how public-private partnership was implemented.

The group was just one of the many visitors that took interest of the Iloilo City’s practices. Other visitors were from various cities and municipalities in the country. Iloilo City in 2008 also topped a survey by MoneySense Magazine as one of the “Best Place to Live in the Philippines.

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