Ilonggo chosen as student ambassador in Australia

Jhoven Cabundocan, Ilonggo student ambassador of Brisbane, Australia.

An Ilonggo based in Australia was chosen as one of the 40 international student ambassadors of Brisbane.

A native of Oton, Iloilo, 26-year-old Jhoven Cabundocan was appointed as a Brisbane International Student Ambassador (BISA) representing the 95,000 international students of the said city.

Cabundocan is living in Brisbane, Australia for two years and currently taking up a Master of Information and Communications Technology at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) SouthBank Campus.

“Being chosen as one of the student ambassadors among hundreds who applied for the BISA program is an honor as I represent not only myself but also the country,” Cabundocan noted.

Cabundocan finished his undergraduate studies at De La Salle University with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

Jhoven Cabundocan, Ilonggo student ambassador of Brisbane, Australia.
Jhoven Cabundocan, who hails from Oton, Iloilo, was chosen as one of 40 student ambassadors of Brisbane, Australia.

He said that he decided to move to Australia and pursue post-graduate studies to broaden his knowledge in Information and Communications Technology which is one of the prime movers of the industry globally.

“Studying in Brisbane is a dream realised. I am grateful to have been given this kind of opportunity where I can enjoy both study and leisure in a city filled with possibilities,” he said.

Being an ambassador is not just a title for Cabundocan. This also means responsibility for him to embody the Filipino community in Australia specifically in Brisbane by sharing his experiences as an international student.

More than the opportunities that studying in Brisbane has given him, Cabundocan noted that it’s the learning experience that matters.

“I am thrilled to impart to everyone my experiences as an international student in Brisbane and hope that I can encourage fellow Ilonggos aspiring to study abroad to pursue their goal,” he highlighted.

This year’s Brisbane International Student Ambassadors came from 23 countries including the Philippines.

Learn more about the Brisbane International Student Ambassador program and meet this year’s ambassadors by logging on to

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