Lazy Susan: Experience flavorful, affordable Taiwanese street food in Iloilo

lazy susan iloilo

Sometimes we need to taste something new and unfamiliar, to expand our palate and enjoy new gastronomic delights. That’s what Lazy Susan would like us to experience as it offers flavorful, affordable Taiwanese street food here in the City of Love!

Located at SM City Iloilo Food Hall, Lazy Susan brings an array of delectable Taiwanese street food that will give you diverse and rich flavors with its unique combinations of ingredients. The choices are hearty and filling, and offered in affordable prices.

My personal favorite is the Pepper Bun, with its harmonious blend of textures and flavors. The bun itself is soft and pillowy, but its outer layer is baked crunchy and sprinkled with sesame seeds for added texture. Its filling is a very flavorful and succulent meat, a well-seasoned mix of savory, spicy and peppery tastes.

pepper bun 2

Occasionally, Lazy Susan offers the Black Sesame Meat Bun variant with pulled pork, braised pork, egg and pepper pork filling that is just on another level of deliciousness. I love to pair both variants with freshly brewed black coffee or an ice cold soda for a perfect afternoon snack.

If you prefer something hearty and refreshing, I recommend their new offering: the Burger Bao! Burger Bao which is also a very filling snack of soft and fluffy buns (bao), chicken burger patty, carrots, lettuce, and Char Siu Sauce.

burger bao

I’m not really fond of super spicy dishes, but I also tried Lazy Susan Sichuan Spicy Noodles. It’s another Taiwanese street food that beautifully brings together a lot of flavors and textures. Of course, there’s the intense heat from chili oil that you will get from the first slurp. Then you will enjoy the generous servings of al dente noodles coated with flavored sauce and toppings of meat, egg and pechay. If you are into dishes with a lot of heat, try this one.

spicy noodles

Lazy Susan also has Gua Baos, Beef noodle soup, Scallion wrap, and dumplings.

Very affordable Combo Meals

You want to try Taiwanese street food in Iloilo? Lazy Susan made the offer more enticing with its Combo Meals starting at only P79!

For Combo 1, you get the Sichuan Spicy Noodles paired with Pork Bao at P79. Scallion Pancake is paired with Dumplings for Combo 2, also P79. Taiwanese Beef Soup and Bao pairing is Combo 3, for P120.

Lazy Susan menu

Overall, Lazy Susan brings something unique and delicious to Iloilo with its array of Taiwanese dishes which offer a different gastronomic experience. And thankfully, their menu items affordable, something that Ilonggos will surely appreciate.

Honestly, I have never been to Taiwan and I don’t know if Lazy Susan’s Taiwanese street food offerings taste authentic or not.
But if Taiwanese dishes are this good, then I’m all for it!

Lazy Susan Iloilo
3rd Level, SM City Iloilo Food Hall

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