Metro Pacific Iloilo Water intensifies drive vs illegal connections

Metro Pacific Iloilo Water launched TAPIC program against illegal connections

Metro Pacific Iloilo Water (MPIW) has launched the TAPnaon ang Illegal Connection (TAPIC) program which aims to eradicate illegal connections within its service areas.

TAPIC program is part of MPIW’s intensified campaign against non-revenue water (NRW). It encourages the public to report illegal water service connections of commercial and industrial establishments.

For each confirmed illegal connection, a concerned citizen who made the report can earn as much as Php 3,000 as an incentive.

NRW refers to the volume of treated water that is not delivered to customers, and it results from a variety of causes, including aged infrastructure, use of weak and substandard pipe materials, water theft, and limited capacity of water production and distribution facilities.

MPIW TApic program

“At the moment, MPIW’s non-revenue water ratio is estimated at 48%. Since 2019, water losses have been reduced to an all-time low from 45,000 (45 MLD) to 29,000 (29 MLD) cubic meters per day. The company envisions attaining an NRW ratio of 35% by 2024,” said Engr. Jedd Roxas, MPIW Operations Division Head.

To achieve this goal, Commercial Division Head John Canonero added “It’s crucial to protect our water resources and infrastructure, and we must do everything possible to prevent illegal water connections and reduce Non-Revenue Water in Iloilo. Illegal connections to the water supply network could cause other users to lose pressure or even worse could create a danger to public health.”

The anti-illegal water service program complements MPIW’s leak repair strategy. MPIW was able to fix more than 4,000 leaks since 2019. The company is also continuing its pipe replacement program to modernize and improve the pipe network in its service area.

Roxas mentioned “MPIW is leveraging technology by upscaling the usage of smart meters, which are affordable and durable. We will also be using ICT systems to monitor water usage in pipelines to avoid the deterioration of pipelines by ensuring effective pressure management, swift high-quality pipeline repairs, and asset renewals.”

TAPIC will run for a month and will extend to three months, from July 1 to July 31, 2023. It will cover commercial and industrial establishments having any of the following illegalities: tampered meters, bypass connections, double tapping, and unregistered connections.

For more information about the TAPIC program, MPIW encourages the public to call its Commercial Service Division at +63 929 710 2558.

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