MORE Power continues to care for the environment

MORE Power cares for the environment

MORE Power once again gathered its core employees, third party contractors and partners for its tree planting and coastal clean-up activity as part of its commitment to do more for the environment.

Together with the Philippine Science High School volunteers, they worked hand-in-hand to plant seedlings along Brgy. Buhang in Jaro.

“Through this commitment to the Philippine Science High School we are giving more opportunities to our scholars to really apply kung ano amon matun-an sa ‘Pisay’, mas magamit ang innovations ang natun-an namon sa amon Science Projects mas matun-an na namon,” says LEANNE CLARISSE LOSAÑES, Student Alliance, Philippine Science High School

“I believe that each tree planted by MORE Power Iloilo and partners today is a gift to the future generations. I would like to remind everyone that together we can nurture a cleaner and healthier future and cleaner and healthier Iloilo City,” says Shaima Robles Al Yansuri, Miss Iloilo 2024 2nd Runner Up.

Another group of volunteers also visited Brgy. San Juan and Boulevard, Molo for a massive coastal clean-up.

They were welcomed by piles of garbage washed ashore. According to barangay officials, there is a need to strengthen the awareness and educate the residents in sustaining the environmental efforts of the government and the private sector.

MORE Power cares for the environment

“Daku pa gid pasalamat kay nagstorya kami sa management nga ang Brgy. San Juan kag Boulevard daku daku gid nga bulig nga makuha ang basura sa baybayon,” says John Villanueva Sr., Brgy. Chairman, Molo Boulevard.

It is important that the residents understand the danger of throwing their trash on the sea. During typhoons, those garbage will find its way back to the shore.

To help address the issue, MORE Power donated a Material Recovery Facility which may lessen the illegal dumping of garbage in the community.

“Mas daku gid ya eh, sa ulihi mga pumuluyo makamuklat ni sa environmental procedure para mahambalan ta na kag matudlu-an ta na nga indi gali pwede panghaboy sa baybay,” says Martin Baloto, Brgy. Chairman, San Juan, Molo.

MORE Power is joined by the City Environment and Natural Resources Office in its environmental campaign for several consecutive years already.

“Gapasalamat gid ko indi lang sini nga tiyempo, sa MORE kadam una ga abot sa aton clean-up. Mangrove planting, may information campaign along sa coastal lines kag mabuligan kami sang MORE,” says Danilo Benson, Department Representative, City Environment and Natural Resources Office.

“Importante ang paglimpyo sang coastal para mapangalagaan man ang environmental, especially diri kita gakuha sources sang pagkaon especially sa health sang pumuluyo,” says Priam Roy Rivera, Safety Officer, MORE Power.

The environmental advocacy campaign is part of the weeklong celebration of MORE Power since the start of its operations in 2020.

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