MORE Power linemen undergo risky live works training

MORE Power live works training

To further enhance their skills and expertise, More Electric and Power Corporation (MORE Power) regularly trains their team of linemen especially in very dangerous setting such as live works.

Live work, or line repair without cutting the power in the area, is one of the hazardous tasks the linemen frequently encounter and must endure.

This June, MORE Power’s team of linemen is undergoing lectures and actual field work in these risky live works so that they may be fully equipped when they are sent back to the field.

“I am grateful to MORE Power for training us in live works. It greatly helps us increase our knowledge, especially in serving the consumers where we can perform tasks without causing a brownout. This training allows us to further enhance our knowledge and receive proper training to perfect our work,” says Rodelio Dapatnapu Jr., a Metering Services Lineman.

Dapatnapu is one of the veteran linemen of MORE Power and is among the recipients of this free training.

They were taught safety protocols and standard operating procedures when responding to various line work, including live work.

After the seminar, they had actual field training using various equipment while responding to various scenarios they are expected to encounter.

It is extremely dangerous, as one mistake could cost their lives.

“Basically, this live works training greatly helps not only our supervisors but also the linemen in performing their tasks efficiently when we are in the field. At the same time, we become aware of the hazards and procedures we need to follow in the area, especially when performing live works,” says Engr. John Paul Balsomo, Chief Operations Specialist, Networks Operations Department of MORE Power.

MORE Power live works training

The training lasted for 5 days.

Each year, MORE Power allocates resources for training to educate and fully equip their linemen to meet the demands of their daily operations.

“When it comes to this training, it greatly strengthens our response. For example, when there are troubles that require immediate attention, we can dispatch a response team capable of performing live works in the area,” adds Engr. Balsomo.

Last June 2022, despite the bulk of repairs and upgrades in its franchise area, MORE Power achieved 1 million safe man-hours.

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