MORE Power substation tenders complete training on work safety practices

MORE Power trains substation tenders on work safety practices

At least 25 personnel particularly substation tenders of More Electric and Power Corporation (MORE Power) have undergone training on basic safety and work practices recently.

MORE Power Network Operations deputy head Engr. Bailey Del Castillo said that MORE Power President Roel Castro acknowledged the important role of substation tenders thus, he directed to conduct training for them.

Del Castillo said the training aimed to equip their substations tenders, who are manning the facilities 24/7, with fresh and proper knowledge about their specific jobs.

He noted that the substations are very critical equipment in the distribution network and many safety measures must be put in place.

A power substation is a key part of the power distribution system in which the voltage is transformed from high to low or low to high for transmission, distribution, transformation, and switching. It also protects the consumers from sudden drops or surges of electricity.

The training which ran for six days include classroom lecture/ training on substation basic safety and work practices and power substation maintenance, parts and functions identification and electrical test results interpretation, and field lecture or actual substation walkthrough.

Del Castillo noted that the substation tenders who have been with previous distribution utility have not undergone training regarding their jobs for so long.

After the training, Del Castillo expressed confidence that these personnel are now refreshed of their role and responsibilities.

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