MPIW supply improving due to continuous rains

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Metro Pacific Iloilo Water (MPIW) customers in Iloilo City and surrounding areas are seeing significant improvements in their water supply, thanks to continuous rains that have raised the surface water sources of its bulk water providers.

“The Maasin Dam’s water level increased from 93.62 meters to 94.79 meters, pushing the daily supply to nearly 80 million liters per day (MLD), exceeding the usual demand for MPIW customers,” said Angelo David Berba, Chief Operating Officer.

The Maasin Dam is the main source of Metro Iloilo Bulk Water Supply Corp., which is one of MPIW’s bulk water suppliers.

The ongoing rains have provided much-needed relief following the challenges posed by the El Niño phenomenon, which has led to reduced water availability and an alternate-day water supply schedule.

With El Niño weakening and more rains anticipated by June 2024, the situation is set to improve further.

Starting May 29, MPIW is implementing network adjustments to balance the increased water supply to its customers with active service connections. This move will end the alternate-day water supply schedule, ensuring daily access to water for specific periods.
A new supply schedule, which will benefit Iloilo City the most, will be announced May 30.

“We are pleased to inform our customers that the water supply situation is improving. Continuous rains have significantly raised water levels, allowing us to provide a more consistent supply,” added Berba.

Despite these improvements, some areas may still experience low water pressure due to pipeline conditions, elevation, and location. MPIW is actively working on calibrating and enhancing these conditions to ensure fair water distribution.

Berba also stressed that the MPIW team is dedicated to addressing these challenges and improving its water network by implementing aggressive water infrastructure developments to ensure everyone gets an adequate water supply.

As part of its short-, medium— and long-term strategies, MPIW has embarked on several projects aimed at reducing water losses and securing sustainable sources.

The short-term strategy includes the recovery of 15 MLD through pipe rehabilitation and the use of advanced technologies such as Sahara Mobile Leak Detection, Tyfo-Fibre Wrap Technology, and Data Loggers.

The development of a 60.5 MLD desalination plant, which began pre-development in January 2024, is part of the medium-term plan; while securing sustainable water sources within the Visayas region for the long term.

From 2023 until 2027, MPIW will invest heavily in infrastructure projects as part of its service enhancement program such as the P4 B for water service improvements.

MPIW is focusing on the installation of new pipelines and the replacement and repair of worn-out pipes and infrastructure assets. Its newly acquired pipeline from Spain, which is considered the largest diameter pipeline in Asia-Pacific, is expected to arrive in Iloilo City by the first week of June.

“These projects demonstrate our commitment to improving water services and addressing supply challenges,” he emphasized.

MPIW urges residents to stay updated on the new water supply schedule by checking their social media pages or contacting customer service lines.

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