Mrs. Wharton expands brands with hole-in-the-wall concept

What is a hole-in-the-wall business concept? According to Collins Dictionary, a “hole-in-the-wall business is a business, especially a restaurant, that operates from very small premises.”

The pandemic has brought about new opportunities that are more beneficial to both businesses and consumers. The hole-in-the-wall concept is one of these.

Most hole-in-the-wall food businesses are found in small neighborhoods. Unlike big restaurant chains, they offer good food that is cheaper due to lower overhead costs. It also offers consumers a sense of adventure when they visit an unfamiliar location.

Mrs. Wharton Cakes and Savories

Mrs. Wharton Cakes and Savories

Mrs. Wharton which started with cakes has previously announced that it will launch several food brands.

It is now applying the hole-in-the-wall concept especially after they finished setting up the Mrs. Wharton Cake Boutique where people can come and take out cakes for their celebrations.

Mrs. Wharton’s popular savory dishes will also make a comeback starting this week. These dishes are Adobo Rice, Pasta ala Gordon, Triple Decker, Monte Cristo, Kimchi Pulled Pork Rice, Croque Madame, and Pulled Pork.

Mrs. Wharton will also offer more cake slices for dessert.

Bombai: Tandoori. Kebabs. Masala.

In January 2022, Mrs. Wharton will launch its third food brand — Bombai: Tandoori. Kebabs. Masala. As named, Bombai will serve Indian food.

The menu includes Chicken Biryani, Beef Biryani, Balti Beef, Red Curry Pork, and Tandoori Chicken as well as side dishes Tomato Kachumbar, Vegetable Samosas, Naan and Bombai Rice.

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan Taiwanese street food.

Lazy Susan is the second food brand that Mrs. Wharton launched last year. It serves Taiwanese food such as Sichuan Noodles, Lu Rou Fan, Pork or Duck Bao, Spicy Beef Noodles, and Pepper Buns.

Different brands, one delivery

Now, customers can order across all Mrs. Wharton’s brands. For example, if one orders Lazy Susan’s dishes thru the brand’s page, one may also order Mrs. Wharton and Bombai’s dishes there.

Another example is when ordering a birthday cake from Mrs. Wharton’s page, one can also place an order of their Lazy Susan celebration platters and more.

Contact information

Mrs. Wharton Cake Boutique, Lazy Susan, and the upcoming Bombai are located in one place — Alta Tierra Village, Jaro, Iloilo City. They deliver food through Lihog and Maxim. For more information, visit or inquire from any of these pages:

Mrs. Wharton Cake Boutique
Lazy Susan
Bombai (coming soon)

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