“My Heart Beats in Iloilo City” tagline goes viral

My heart beats in Iloilo City

“My Heart Beats in Iloilo City,” the metropolis’ newest slogan is now going viral in social media.

The Iloilo City Government has launched the tagline during the State of the City Address (SOCA) 2023 of Mayor Jerry Treñas last August 16, as part of 86th Charter Day anniversary on August 25.

“Why does my heart beat in Iloilo? You know when you are in Iloilo, there is a certain sense of pride of being an Ilonggo that you do not see in any other place. We are proud of our food, places, heritage, and Ilonggos,” Treñas said in a media interview.

With this tagline, everyone will have the chance to promote a deep sense of pride, love, and appreciation for the city, and belonging and unity among the people, by engaging the community to highlight heritage and culture, and create strong emotional connection between residents and their hometown.

“We encourage everybody to show to the world ‘why does my heart beat in Iloilo’? Let us continue to like and share why we are proud of our food, places, heritage, and Ilonggos,” Treñas stressed.


The campaign aims to attract young audience and wider reach through TikTok Dance Contest, a fun and creative activity for them to become advocates for the city, expressing it in entertaining way.

The Facebook Photo Essay Contest encourages enthusiasts to capture the city’s beauty, culture, landmarks and everyday life through pictures that reflect their emotional connection. The strategy seeks to stimulate artistic expression and serves as a platform for individuals to share their perspectives.

Guidelines and mechanics will be posted on official accounts of Iloilo City Government and Jerry Treñas.

The heart-shaped logo showcases the city’s major festivals with the image of Dinagyang warrior and paraw sailboat; Iloilo River; beautification and greening through flowers, trees, and plants on Esplanades plazas, parks and open spaces; gastronomy; and awards.
Treñas encourages anyone to express their ideas on their own logo and post it on social media.

The impacts of stronger promotions target an increase in tourism and economic activities that will benefit the city and its people. (Iloilo City PIO)

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