A Week of Strengthening Bonds Under The Same Roof — Understanding The Essence of National Family Week

Digital Art Competition by Camella

The Philippines, with its deep-rooted Catholic culture, has long recognized and cherished the paramount importance of family. Within this predominantly Catholic nation, family values are profoundly ingrained and celebrated as an integral part of Filipino life.
National Family Week stands as a keen testament to this enduring commitment to familial bonds and unity in the country.

Digital Art Competition by Camella

National Family Week

This annual celebration in the Philippines, held during the last week of September, has a special place in the hearts of Filipinos. It is regarded as one of the most significant holidays in the country, transcending mere festivity to become a platform for reinforcing the essence of family values, unity, and solidarity.

The Core of National Family Week

At its core, National Family Week encourages families and friends across the nation to introspect about their shared values and how they can be translated into daily life. Central to this idea are values like respect, love, and loyalty, which are considered the bedrock of Filipino family dynamics.

Throughout this week-long celebration, numerous organizations, companies, and sectors nationwide are encouraged to arrange various campaigns and activities to underscore the vital role of family (from diverse backgrounds) in society. It serves as an annual reminder for individuals and the public to prioritize their families and actively nurture the bonds they share.

Raising Awareness on Issues That Affect Families

Moreover, National Family Week provides a platform to raise awareness and recognize pressing issues that impact families in the Philippines, such as poverty, limited access to education and healthcare, and domestic violence.
By spotlighting these challenges, the government and various organizations strive to create and strengthen a more family-friendly environment that fosters the well-being of every family member.

History of National Family Week

The establishment of National Family Week in the Philippines holds a unique place in the nation’s history, signifying a commitment to the enduring values and unity of Filipino families. This annual celebration was formally recognized, supported, and embraced through Proclamation No. 60, a historic document signed by then-President Fidel V. Ramos in 1992.

This significant proclamation was not merely an administrative formality but a heartfelt recognition of families’ pivotal role in shaping the Philippines’ social fabric.

Camella’s Role in National Family Week

Camella, renowned for constructing quality homes for Filipino families, plays a significant role in supporting and promoting the cherished values of family and community.

Camella’s unwavering commitment to providing homes designed to cater to the unique needs of Filipino families aligns seamlessly with the spirit of National Family Week.

Digital Art Competition

Kicked off by a Digital Art competition, Camella’s efforts this year not only aim to contribute to the festivities but also to emphasize its dedication to the welfare and unity of the Filipino families whom they built homes for.

Family-centered Activities

Through a series of upcoming community events that are family-centered, Camella will actively partake in enhancing the sense of togetherness and security that families inside and outside their communities deserve.

To stay updated on Camella National Family Week celebration and discover the exciting events and prizes in store for you and your family, follow our facebook and other social media channels.

We’ll keep you informed about all the fantastic happenings that await, ensuring you don’t miss out on memorable moments designed to celebrate the spirit of family.

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