PECO: Rotational brownout schedule on February 12

Panay Electric Company (PECO) has scheduled a rotation brownouts Iloilo City as it awaits resumption of power supply from Panay Energy Development Corporation (PEDC) power plant.

PEDC has supply problem on its power plants, resulting to total outage for all 5 PECO substations. Currently, power supply is coming from diesel-powered Panay Power Corporation (PPC) plant.

Advance scheduled rotational outages for Thursday, February 12. PEDC is scheduled to be operational by  evening as advised by their personnel.

  • 9 am – feeder 20 off and feeder 13 off
  • 10 am – feeder 14 off and feeder 23 off
  • 12 pm – feeder 20 on, feeder 22 off, feeder 13 on, feeder 1 off, feeder 23 on, and feeder 11 off
  • 1 pm – feeder 14 on and feeder 18 off
  • 2 pm – feeder 1 on, feeder 3 off, feeder 24 off and feeder 11 on
  • 3 pm – feeder 22 on and feeder 21 off
  • 4 pm – feeder 16 off, feeder 3 on, feeder 18 on, feeder 4 off, feeder 24 on and feeder 15 off
  • 5 pm – feeder 21 on
  • 6 pm – feeder 16 on, feeder 4 on, feeder 5 off, feeder 7 off and feeder 15 on
  • 7:30 pm – feeder 5 on and feeder 7 on

If you do not know which feeder location you belong, check below:

PECO Feeders and Substations

50 MVA Substation- Baldoza Lapaz

Portion of Baldoza, Ticud, San Isidro, Ingore, Banuyao, Jalandoni Estate, Punong, Progreso, Libertad, Bankerohan, Abanilla, Don Esteban, Sinikway, Lapuz Norte, Mansaya, Loboc, Bombo Transmitter, RMN Transmitter, Bo. Obrero, Villa San Lorenzo in La Paz District..

Portion of Baldoza, Lopez Jaena , Villa Hermosa, Valderrama compound, Bliss Project, Kaingin, Jereos Extension, San Gregorio Subd., Jereos St., Puerto Real, portion of Magdalo, Railway, San Nicolas, Burgos, WVCST Campus, portion of Mission Extension, Javellana, Ledesco Village, Tabuc Suba, portion of Banuyao and, Hinactacan in La Paz District; Cubay, Balabago, Landheights IV, St. Joseph Subdivision, Lucky Homes Subdivision, del Carmen, portion of E. Lopez, WVSU Campus and Hospital, Iloilo Mission Hospital, portion of Commission Civil, D.B. Ledesma, Mission Road and Extension & portion of Montinola in Jaro District.

Baldoza Road, Lopez Jaena, Huervana, Rizal St., Portion of Muelle Loney, Portion of Mabini, Portion of Ledesma, Mary Mart Mall, Valeria, Valeria Extension, portion of Iznart, Solis, Arroyo, Arsenal, J.M. Basa, Aduana, Iloilo Central Market, Aldeguer, Guanco, Hoskyn’s Compound, Freedom Grandstand, DTI, Bureau of Fire and portion of Mabini in City Proper.

Baldoza Road, Golden Portals, Lopez Jaena, Huervana, Cristina Colonade, Grand Dame and portion of Luna in La Paz District, Bonifacio Drive, River Queen, Iloilo Hall of Justice, MIWD, Red Cross, portion of Gen. Luna, Atrium, St. Paul’s Hospital, portion of Muelle Loney and ILOILO CITY HALL in City Proper.

20 MVA Substation – City Proper


Portion of Mabini, Portion of de Leon, portion of Quezon (besides Robinson’s Place), portion of Iznart, Ma. Clara, University of Iloilo, General Blanco, Sta. Maria School, portion of Rizal, Ortiz, Gomez, Mapa, Bombo Radyo, General Hughes, Duran, Veteran’s Village, Sto. Rosario, Port San Pedro, Plaza Libertad, Calazanz, de La Rama, Muelle Loney, Legaspi, Blumintritt, Zamora, Melliza, Pepita Aquino, Concepcion, Parola and Camp Delgado in City Proper.
PECO Offices


FEEDER NO.10: Robinsons, Portion of Gen. Luna , ICPO in City Proper District.

Portion of Delgado, Quezon (from corner Gen.Luna to corner Robinson), Liberation, Valeria (from Sm Shoemart to PNB), SM Valeria and Delgado, Portion of Solis St. (Banko Sentral) , Transcom, and Amigo Terrace Hotel in City Proper.

10 MVA Substation – Tabuc Suba, Jaro

FEEDER No. 13:
Portion of Tabuc Suba, Villa Consolacion, portion of Rica Village, Bankers Village, Villa Las Palmas, Petalsville, St. Alphonus, Alta Tierra Village, Quintin Salas, Tacas, Carmen Village, M.V. Hechanova, Gran Plains Subd., Jalbuena Subd., Buhang, MYL Subdivision, LJ Ledesma Subd., Dolmax Subd., Asico Subd., Camalig, Balantang, Lawaan Village, Phil. Science High School; Metropolis Subdivision, Laurea Subd., Tagbac, Landheights, Fatima Village, San Jose Community Village and Brgy. Buntatala in Jaro District.

FEEDER No. 14:
Portion of Tabuc Suba, Remonville, Modern Homes Subdivision, , Washington, part of Democracia, portion of Fajardo, Lopez Jaena, PRC Iloilo, Simon Ledesma, San Isidro, Fajardo Subd., Sambag, San Paulo Subd., San Agustin High School Campus and Ungka in Jaro District, portion of Washington, Benedicto, M. Jayme, M. H. del Pilar and Don Francisco in Jaro District.

25 MVA Substation- Bolilao, Mandurriao

FEEDER No. 15:
Portion of Jalandoni, Montinola, Iloilo Sports Complex, Magsaysay Village, Prime Estates, Westbridge, Portion of Luna, ABS-CBN, PLDT, Hechanova, Dicen, Nabitasan, Mirasol Subdivision and Gaisano City in La Paz

FEEDER No. 16:
Portion of Jalandoni, Villa Matilde, Portion of E. Lopez, San Vicente, San Jose College, portion of M. Jayme, Seminary Road, Brgy. CC El 98, Jaro Cathedral, Cuartero Street, Fajardo Street, Arguelles Street, Brgy. Desamparados, Dungon A and B, portion of Sambag, Ceres Compound, Westwoods Subd. in Jaro Distrct; Brgy. Bakhaw in Mandurriao District..

FEEDER No. 17:
DEDICATED FEEDER: SM City – Diversion Road, Mandurriao

Jalandoni Ext., Bolilao, Portion of Diversion Road, Taft North, Villa Alegre, Q. Abeto, WVMC, NHA Phase 1 and 2, Dungon C, Mirasol. Airport, Nava-is, Oñate-de Leon, So-oc, Calajunan, Guzman-Jesena, Hibao-an Sur and Norte in Mandurriao District, Housing Mandurriao; Calubihan, Cuartero Hi-way, portion of Jalandoni, Jollibee, Commission Civil.


25 MVA Substation – Avanceña, Molo

San Marcos Highway, San Pedro, portion of San Jose, Iloilo Supermart-Molo, EPLDT-Ventus, portion of M.H. del Pilar, ICNHS, portion of Taal, Soriano Subdivision, Hotel del Rio, Savant Call Center, John B. Lacson, AVESCOR, Call Box, F & E in Molo District, Sarabia Manor, Portion of Gen. Luna and Aurora Subd. in City Proper.

Portion of M.H. del Pilar, Plaza Molo, Molo Police Station, BIR, DSWD, portion of Lopez Jaena, portion of San Antonio, Timawa Avenue, Iloilo Doctors College and Hospital in Molo District; portion of Ybiernas, portion of Infante, UPV Campus, Delgado Subdivision, Bagumbayan, North & South Fortunata, portion of Jalandoni going to University of San Agustin, portion of Delgado in City Proper.

PLDT Compound, San Juan, portion of San Antonio, portion of Compania, Whole of Baluarte, Lopez Jaena, Makinaugalingon Press, Molo Boulevard, San Juan, Calumpang, Juntado Subd. in Molo District Whole of Tanza-Infante, UPV, Jollibee, Citadel, Iloilo Fishing Port Complex., Tanza-Cemetery, Tanza-Baybay, Tanza-Bonifacio, portion of Ledesma and Jalandoni, Fine Rock Hotel, Centenial Plaza, Wilson, Fuentes, Hijas, Napolcom, portion of de Leon, Iloilo Terminal Market, Rizal pala-pala, Rizal-Rima, Ibarra and part of Ma. Clara in City Proper.

Portion of M. Locsin St., Portion of South San Jose, Southville and Saviour Hospital in Molo District, Tabucan, San Rafael, Plazuela, ISA, Diversion Road (from Marina up to INJAP Tower.)in Mandurriao District.

Fundidor Molo, Whole of Arevalo District, Avanceña Street, portion of San Jose Street & portion of Compania Street in Molo Distict.

If PEDC can run their coal fired generating unit by evening of February 12 then there will be no further rotational outages. [via Source]

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