Philhealth contribution of OFW up to P38,400 in 2022

Philhealth contribution 2021

Overseas Filipino workers (OFW) will now pay up to P38,400 annual contribution for Philhealth as the agency increases the rate effective January 2022. Check the computation of the 2022 Philhealth contribution for OFW below.

Philhealth announced that they will start implementing another round of 0.5% increase in members’ contribution this year, which puts the premium rate at 4% from 3.5% last year. The hike is pursuant to the Republic Act No. 11223 or the Universal Health Care (UHC) Law.

OFWs are classified as Direct Contributors under the UHC Law. Direct contributors refer to those who are gainfully employed and bound by an employer-employee relationship. Aside from OFWs, kasambahays, self-earning individuals, and practicing professionals belong to this membership category as well.

Instead of the previously fixed premium of P2,400 annually, OFWs now must pay a Philhealth contribution computed based on their salary.

“In its PhilHealth Circular No. 2019-0009 published on November 23, 2019, premium rate for Direct Contributors shall still be at 2.75% of their monthly basic salary with an adjusted ceiling of P50,000. In 2020, PhilHealth will increase the rate to 3% and henceforth adjusted to increments of 0.5% every year until it reaches the 5% limit in 2025 as provided for by law. The income floor is fixed at P10,000 during the 5-year period, while salary ceiling will gradually increase by P10,000 each year from P60,000 until it reaches P100,000 in 2025,” Philhealth explained in a statement.

Philhealth also issued Advisory 2022-10 which states: As prescribed in Section 10 of Republic Act No. 11223 or the Universal Health
Care (UHC) Act, and in accordance with PhiiHealth Circular No. 2020-0005 on the “Premium Contribution Schedule in the National Health Insurance Program (Revision 1 );’all Direct Contributors are hereby advised that the premium rate for CY 2022 is 4.0%, with an income floor of P10,000.00 and income ceiling of P80,000.00 effective January 2022.

The contribution table from direct contributors including OFWs looks like this:

Philhealth contribution table direct contributors, including OFW members.
Philhealth contribution table direct contributors, including OFW members.

This means that if an OFW has a monthly salary of P10,000 or below this 2022, the premium will be at P400 monthly or P4,800 yearly. If the salary is 80,000 and above, the premium is at P3,200 monthly or P38,400 annually.

The premium hike will be implemented starting this June 2022, and it will take effect retroactively, meaning those who have already paid it this year at 3% must settle the remaining 1% until December 31.

“The adjusted premium rate shall take effect in the Electronic Premium Remittance System (EPRS) and the PhiiHealth Member Portal starting the applicable month of June 2022. Members and employers who have already paid their contributions at 3% are advised to generate the corresponding Statement of Premium Account for the paid periods so they can settle the 1% differential payments/remittances until December 31, 2022.,” President and CEO Atty. Dante Gierran said in the advisory.

Increased Philhealth contribution for OFW met with public clamor

The rate increase which started in 2020 did not sit well with OFW members as most of them were also locked down by the pandemic. In response to the clamor, President Duterte had ordered PhilHealth to make the payment of the premiums of OFWs voluntary instead.

Why push through with the increase  while the country is under the pandemic and Filipinos struggle to make ends meet? Philhealth President and CEO Atty. Dante Gierran reasoned out that they are only implementing the law. Also, the increase is needed to ensure sufficient funding for the health care benefits of its 110 million members.

“Everyone’s hard-earned contribution will help guarantee that all these gains are delivered and sustained for all Filipinos today, tomorrow and for the years to come,” Gierran said.

Some lawmakers have already pushed for the suspension of the implementation of this provision of UHC law, in consideration of the plight of OFWs and other members during this pandemic.

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