Rethink Staffing Finally Finds a Happy Home at One Lorton

A fair trade call center moves to a newer and better site to meet the growing needs of its employees and clients.

(L to R) Janice Dunganon (Vice President for Finance), Fr. Oscar Andrada, Mike Dershowitz (CEO), Lorie Santos (Fabson/One Lorton), Windyll Balasa (Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Local Partner), Paul Gonzaga (Director of Impact, Sales and Marketing Support, & Capacity Building) and Marie Bagaloyos (Human Resource Manager)

Rethink Staffing, a fair trade call center in the Philippines, announces that it has moved into a bigger and better site. The company is now on the second floor of One Lorton Building, a prime location for business process outsourcing companies in the heart of Iloilo City.

As a fast-rising BPO company in the Philippines, Rethink Staffing has to deal with greater challenges as it grows and expands its market reach. One of those challenges is finding additional space for its service delivery center, so it can fulfill the needs of its employees and business clients. And, the company found that much-needed space (and more!) at One Lorton Building.

Rethink Staffing occupies the whole second floor, which has a total floor area of 6,780 square feet. The production area can comfortably seat 260 employees. But, the company can scale up to 500 employees when necessary.

There’s enough office space for the HR, Accounting and Operations teams. The rest of the facility consists of a conference room, a private office for visiting clients, a quiet area for employees taking a short break from work, a dining area and small kitchen, a server room, an interview room, a flash training area, a secure place for employee lockers, a comfy nook for receiving visitors, and spacious restrooms.

Rethink Staffing CEO Mike Dershowitz talking about the company’s philosophy whiched fueled its success.

Security is top-notch. Each person that goes through the main entrance is required to present a valid ID. Aside from security guards in the lobby, there’s a dedicated guard stationed on the second floor, in front of the elevators. The guards work in shifts, making sure there’s always someone to watch over the comings and goings in the office.

The doors to Rethink Staffing’s work area automatically lock close. They can only be opened by employees who log in and out through biometric devices installed beside the doors. Plus, there are CCTV cameras in the main lobby and at every entrance or exit on each floor.

One Lorton was built in 2016; it’s one of the newer buildings in the business district. Two elevators are available for use by employees and visitors of the companies occupying any of its six floors. The main entrance has an access ramp for PWDs. Parking space is provided in front of the building.

Rethink Staffing is proud to say that, at One Lorton, it has created a secure, compliant and healthy work environment that meets industry standards and makes agents feel safe. The company focuses on improving the social and economic welfare of its agents. This encourages agents to develop a greater level of work ownership, which produces, in turn, superior results for all kinds of businesses.


Rethink Staffing is a fair trade call center based in Iloilo City, Philippines. The company focuses on helping its agents achieve social and economic progress throughout their employment. This socially responsible approach to managing a call center has created a workplace culture that encourages agents to develop a greater level of work ownership, which produces excellent results.

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