What’s the Right Career for Your Skillset?

career for skillset

It’s easy to feel as though once you reach a certain point in your life, you’re locked into a certain professional path based on what you’ve been doing up to that point. For many people, this mentality can lead them to a natural sense of progression throughout their career, but for others, this can simply instill a fear that they will be stuck with something they don’t want to do.

If you’re in this position, turning your attention to your skillset might help you get a better sense of your options – something that might allow you to make a mid-career shift to something more positive.


Driving can translate into a career in several different ways. While you might initially think of the more extreme examples involving racing sports, that’s hardly your only option. With a wealth of delivery services playing a large role in various businesses, drivers are arguably more indemand than ever before, and that’s before you even consider more freelance shipping work like you might find at https://247expresslogistics.com/class-a-cdl-driver-jobs-in-kansas-city/.

The trick is understanding what it is about driving you enjoy. Suppose you’re experienced in this field and enjoy the moment-to-moment experience. In that case, these prior options might be relevant to you because they can allow a more freeing career spent on the road and often under your control regarding hours. Suppose your interest in driving comes from a more technical place. In that case, you might instead turn your attention to dealerships and mechanics that can allow you to explore this further – though you might need the proper training or qualification before you become the most appealing candidate for the role.

The Creative Options

There are too many different careers and skills that come under ‘creative’ to try and condense into a short space. However, it’s worth realizing your options even if you feel like your skillset is leaning toward creativity and you’re not having much luck in that area. Photography is a good example of this, and while you might think of fashion, marketing, or wildlife as possible creative angles that you could take up, you might also be interested in what a career as a medical photographer could do for the direction of your career.

The same is true of writing. While it might be something you initially got into due to your interest in scriptwriting or creative writing in general, it’s a very versatile field that can include areas like copywriting and bid writing that can help you break into any other industries. Of course, it’s not always a case of sliding so easily into something new, and a lot of the time, it might mean that you have to adapt your skillset or add something to it before you can make the full shift you were hoping for.

Even when just looking at marketing in general, you can apply any creative skills to it. Writing and photography have already been explored, but what about graphic design and video editing? Having an area where you can apply what you’ve learned can be an exciting prospect for someone struggling to define their direction.

A People Person

If you feel as though your main skill is being able to connect with people, you have something very valuable. It’s a transferable skill that can be used in any number of industries. For example, you might be interested in getting into the charity sector, especially if that involves hosting events and integrating with the community to build up links through networking. Networking itself, of course, is something that you might have an advantage with due to this skill, meaning that it can be paired nicely with anything else in your repertoire to take it further than it would otherwise go potentially.

What do you like about this skill, though? Do you see it as more of a means to an end, as you might through networking and freelance work? Or do you enjoy being social and engaging with large-scale group operations? If it’s the latter, you might find that any role that puts you in a position to coordinate plays to your strengths – giving you a lot of room to go higher through roles like a project manager that many businesses and establishments offer.


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