‘SARAP TO FEEL G’: Greenwich inspires Filipinos to create more authentic meaningful connections

Sarap to feel Greenwich

Greenwich, one of the country’s leading homegrown pizza and pasta makers, is embarking on a massive campaign this year to inspire millions of Filipinos to create more genuine, meaningful connections with each other.

The campaign is anchored on having more experiences inspired by authenticity and real “feel-good” togetherness made possible by incredible, great-tasting food.

This campaign, dubbed “Sarap to Feel G,” is rooted richly and deeply in Greenwich’s history. From its early beginnings, Greenwich has always been about enabling its customers to have these moments alone or with their friends, family, and loved ones—the people who matter—while expressing and being their best selves to build authentic, lasting connections.

Greenwich has always been at the heart of inspiring these experiences, ensuring it champions them with passion, respect, and excitement over the years and even today as times change.

It acknowledges that “feeling good” is no longer the same as when the spotlight typically went to the big moments. For this new chapter, Greenwich shifts its purpose and focus to celebrating the little milestones and wins that make every day extra special—as well as the connections that enliven them and make them unforgettable for customers.

And, for each of these moments and connections, highlight that there’s a perfect, always-delicious Greenwich favorite.

For instance, barkadas craving stronger bonding with their friends can satisfy their cravings through Greenwich’s Overloaded Pizzas, which continue to be amazingly hot and flavorful choices. Greenwich’s Lasagna, on the other hand, will be perfect for more intimate one-on-one moments and engaging personal catchups. For those looking to have their next solo adventure, Greenwich now offers Pizzawrap – a yummy combination of the best pizza toppings wrapped in a freshly baked crust – which customers can enjoy at home or on the go.

The brand’s best-tasting menu, which continues to evolve, will always offer excellent options—choices that inspire its customers to go for what they want, pursue the connections they can make, and become the best authentic selves they can be through it all, which is what the “Sarap to Feel G” campaign is all about.

To bring the campaign’s story to life, Greenwich has launched a must-see film ad that features talents with resonant and authentic lives – those who represent the everyday Filipinos we see today with authenticity.

This new Greenwich Barkada includes interesting and unexpected profiles – for example, a tattooedsurgeon who often gets perceived as arrogant but who, as seen in a pizza bonding scene with his lola, is actually a softie; a professional violinistwho eventually became a pro boxer; a hard-of-hearing person who’s also a streamer and gamer; a couple whose family identity is as fur parents; a young successful CEO of a local business; an OPM band, and singer-songwriters with niche music.

Through the film ad, they shared their individual stories, struggles, and triumphs, representing the diverse journeys that comprise Greenwich’s customers. Greenwich hopes customers can resonate with these personalities and dare to embrace their authentic selves, challenge stereotypes, and even break barriers to make meaningful connections.

Alizon “Ali” De Torres, Head of Marketing, Greenwich Philippines, shared that this film ad kickstarts the “Sarap to Feel G” campaign and marks the start of a long-term commitment.

He said, “As Greenwich enters this exciting chapter, we want to inspire Filipinos to have many more feel-good moments. Together, we will celebrate the daily little big experiences and the true connections we build along the way.”

“With our delicious and indulgent food—especially our pizza and pasta—supporting these feel–good moments, we look forward to a future built upon stronger and more genuine bonds and a more authentic sense of identity for many Filipinos,” he added.
Watch the film ad here: https://bit.ly/SarapToFeelG
To learn more about the campaign and its inspiring stories, visit Greenwich’s official social media pages.

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