Sharp Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machines: A Perfect Fit for Rainy Season Laundry Challenges


Rainy season has officially started in the Philippines, households across the country brace themselves for the challenges it brings – including the never-ending laundry battle. In this kind of season, fully automatic washing machines emerge as the perfect solution, offering convenience, efficiency, and reliability. Let’s discover why Sharp fully automatic front load washing machine is the ideal solution for your rainy season laundry woes.

The latest addition to the Sharp’s fully automatic line-up is the PRO-FLEX (Professional and Flexible) Front load washing machine (ES-FLC15BV-DS), which can load up to 10.5kg for its washer and 7.0kg for its dryer. This washing machine has a sleek design, touch function, and advanced features like Plasmacluster Ion Technology. The PRO-FLEX series will give you options as it is also available in ES-FLW15BV-GY (10.5kg washer) and ES-FLW85BV-GY (8.5kg washer), which will surely solve all your worries this rainy season.

Convenience and User-Friendly Design


The Sharp’s PRO-FLEX front load washing machine (ES-FLC15BV-DS) allows you to load, select your desired wash cycle, and let the machine do the rest—all from the comfort of your home. Its sleek design, featuring angled glass surfaces and panels, ensures a clean usability and a clear washing machine look for you. Plus, with its touch-function guided controls with a lot of washing and drying options for different fabric types, you can adapt your laundry routine to suit your schedule, ensuring that clean clothes are always within your reach. So, whether you’re working from home, doing household chores, or having family responsibilities, this washing machine will surely give you comfort and will free up more of your time to do more important tasks during the rainy season.

Innovative User Experience

The ES-FLC15BV-DS is equipped with Plasmacluster Ion Technology that effectively removes bacteria and odor from fabrics combined with the waterless Dry Airwash feature that enables it to clean laundry better by removing any bacteria that can’t be cleaned with water. Additionally, it has a steam care function that tackles dirt, stains, and 99.9% of allergens like house mites. Our specially designed drum pattern ensures exceptional washing results, while quick spinning and efficient dewatering leave your clothes clean and dry. Pair them with the Sharp’s newest Heat Pump Tumble Dryer, KD-HTOJP-G (10kg.), for wrinkle-free results. This ensures that your clothes will be free from bacteria, allergens, damages and musty odors in the midst of the rainy season’s humidity and moisture.

Excellent Energy Saving

One of the highlights of PRO-FLEX front load washing machine is it’s equipped with BLDC Inverter that helps to reduce power consumption and operate stably, which is more durable than conventional motors. Plus, with J-Tech Inverter technology, you’ll save up to 47% on energy consumption without sacrificing the performance based on the test results of internal testing.

Award-Winning Washing Machine

In 2021, the Sharp’s PRO-FLEX front load washing machine series won the “iF DESIGN AWARD” in Germany, which is one of the four major design awards in the world. Additionally, Sharp Philippines received the 2024 Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand in the washing machine category. This is the testament that Sharp Philippines has exceptional design quality, innovation, and user-friendly features that make it stand out among the rest.

As the rainy season takes hold in the Philippines, fully automatic washing machines emerge as the best solution to your laundry problems. With its convenience, efficiency, gentle care, energy saving, and time-saving features, these will be perfectly suited to all the challenges of the season. Embrace the rain with confidence, knowing that your laundry needs are in good hands with Sharp PRO-FLEX front load fully automatic washing machine by your side.

Sharp Philippines also offers a wide range of fully automatic washing machines suited for the rainy season. For more products information, please visit the Sharp Philippines’ official website,

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