SM Stationery Virtual Art Fest 2021

SM Stationery Virtual Art Fest 2021

Take a break from your school or work routine by taking the artistic route online with the first SM Stationery Virtual Art Fest 2021 every weekend of April and May.

Celebrate your creativity and passion online as this year’s Art Fest showcases traditional arts like brush calligraphy, watercolor, and abstract painting; as well as contemporary expressions like Doodle Sketching, and pop arts and crafts that both mom and kids will love.

Here’s what they can look forward to:
• Visual Artist and International Art teacher Majenta Ocampo will share her knowledge and have fun painting Easter Egg in Nordic and Mandalorian- Style.
• Create your watercolor wonders with licensed Professional Teacher and YouTube Art Teacher Aimee Fadriguela, who will show some watercolor painting techniques using Prismacolor Colored Pencils in designing canisters and bookmarks. Teacher Mangel of Pilot Pens, on the other hand, will share the Watercolor resist art painting in Batik- Bag Coloring with Pilot Pen Juice Paint Markers and Liquid Glue.
• Calligrapher and eco-friendly artist Kylee Tabil of Kyleegraphy, will share some tips on Basic Faux Calligraphy and how to design reusable Tumblers with their favorite quotes and lettering.
• Preschool Teacher Jillian Dungo will share her tricks on how to Glue Drawn Art using different colors of Elmer’s Glue.

There’s more fun ahead as workshop participants will be given special prizes and freebies at the end of the workshop.

The SM Stationery Virtual Art Fest 2021 is in partnership with Sharpie, Faber Castell, Artline, Prismacolor, Papermate, Titus, Craft Easy, Elmer’s, Tokyo Finds, Sakura, and Pilot. For more info, visit our website and follow us on Instagram and Facebook in smstationeryph.

1. Licensed Professional Teacher Aimee Lea Fadriguela will be doing a workshop for Getting Crafty with Prismacolor on April 25.
2. Bring your artistic vision to life with Prismacolor Premier 24 Colored Pencils.
3. Get creative and decorate your own Kraft bookmark.
4. International Art teacher Majenta Ocampo will teach kids on how to paint Nordic and Mandalorian – Themed Easter Eggs
5. The Faber Castell Acrylic Colours set is a compact set that is convenient and inexpensive way of getting started in new painting techniques like Nordic-Themed Style Painting.
6. On April 10 and 11, Pilot Pens’ Teacher Mangel will be demonstrating the use of Pilot Juice Paint Markers in Batik Bag Coloring.
7. Batik- Bag Coloring Kit with Pilot Pen Juice paint Markers and Liquid Glue.
8. Kylee Tabil of Kyleegraphy will share basic tips on Faux Calligraphy as you design your own Tumbler on April 24.
9. Mix and Match different pop colors with Sharpie Fine Markers.
10. Pre-school teacher Jill Dungo will help kids in creating their own Glue Drawn Art from their own home.
11. Get this Elmer’s Glue Drawn Art kit at and join the SM Stationery’s Virtual Art Fest.

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