Sun Life rolls out Wish Bus to help Ilonggos find ideal ‘Partner for Life’

Sun Life Wish Bus Partner for Life campaign road trip in Iloilo

Sun Life, the country’s leading insurance and investment company, partnered with Wish 107.5 FM for an exciting and empowering road trip in key locations in the country. The Iloilo leg happened July 23 at Parksquare of Festive Walk Parade.

Dubbed as “Wish Upon A Sun: Kasa-Kasama Sa Roadtrip,” the collaboration aims to connect with the young Filipinos, particularly Gen Zs and young Millennials, and bring them valuable insights into financial literacy while enjoying the best of the music scene.

“This is a partnership with Wish 107.5 FM which aims to attract young Ilonggos to market what Sun Life can do for them even at a young age,” said Mike Gustilo, Sun Life Cluster Head for Visayas.

Sun Life's Wish Upon A Sun: Kasa-Kasama Roadtrip in Festive Walk Iloilo
Sun Life’s Wish Upon A Sun: Kasa-Kasama Roadtrip in Festive Walk Iloilo

At the heart of this road trip is Sun Life’s current Partner for Life campaign, which emphasizes the importance of finding the ideal partner to achieve financial security and shine even brighter. The Wish Upon A Sun: Kasa-Kasama Sa Roadtrip serves as a platform to promote this message while simultaneously providing an entertaining games and enjoyable musical experience.

For the Iloilo leg of Wish Upon A Sun: Kasa-Kasama Sa Roadtrip, Sun Life invited local talents and celebrities such as Dan Pornel, Rock Opong, TROPA VIBES, and Mary Anjolie to perform live on Wish Bus which brought joy and entertainment to the crowd.

Engaging and enlightening activities

Aside from the musical treat, Ilonggos also get to enjoy a journey of financial discovery and enlightenment. Various booths were set up where attendees had access to engaging activities that combined learning, fun, and the chance to win exciting prizes.

Inspired by dating app, Swipe Bright was an interactive game which helped participants find their ideal financial partner. By playing the game and sharing their experiences on social media using specific hashtags, attendees could enter the “Kasa-KasamaMatch” contest and win PHP 1000 worth of gift certificates.

shooting hoops at Sun Life Wish Bus road trip

For sports enthusiasts, the Hoops and Hooks booth provided an opportunity to showcase their shooting skills and compete for exclusive prizes. Participants could team up with their Partner for Life to earn points and compete for exciting Sun Life rewards.

At the Kasa-Kasama Videoke booth, talented Ilonggos showcased their singing prowess performing duets or serenading their Partner for Life. Participants had a chance to win Php1,000-worth of cash credits and also capture the moment inside the iconic Wish Bus.

Videoke contest

“These activities might be fun but it is actually connected to our advocacy wherein we want to promote the concept of ‘Partner for Life’. In this Wish Upon A Sun, the activities gave you an idea on how to find the perfect match on how you build your financial portfolio,” Gustilo explained.

“Going back to our main advocacy of financial freedom for the Filipinos, that can only happen if you have the ideal partner, whom we call the ‘Partner for Life,’ he added.

Free financial consultation

Sun Life Financial Advisors had a booth where they offer free financial consultation which included personalized guidance and advice on financial planning and investment options. The consultations provided a valuable opportunity for young Ilonggos to gain insights into securing their financial future.

Gustilo revealed that most of the inquiries they got during consultations were from those interested about retirement plans.

Sun Life Cluster Head for Visayas Mike Gustilo
Sun Life Cluster Head for Visayas Mike Gustilo

“A lot of seafarers get to reach out to our financial advisors how they can actually be home for good. Definitely if you are an OFW, you don’t see yourself up to age of retirement. So they contact our financial advisors how they can set up a financial plan that even if they gave up working abroad, they have a substitute income while staying with their families,” Gustilo said.

Instead of being pushy with their products, he shared that Sun Life financial advisors have a very unique way of offering their services.

“Our approach is to simply educate them about Sun Life and our services, and introducing to them the concept of financial literacy. We get to ask the right questions to really recommend a one ideal solution for you to start,” he added.

Sun Life’s Wish Upon A Sun: Kasa-Kasama Sa Roadtrip will continue its journey across the country, reaching out to more Gen Zs and young Millennials in locations such as Pampanga, Quezon, Batangas, and Manila. With this road trip, Sun Life is making a significant impact on the lives of the Filipinos, empowering them to find their ideal financial partners and shine brighter in their financial journey.

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