The World is Your Classroom: Choose to Study in the Safest Place Abroad

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Studying under extraordinary conditions is possible, but requires a shift from what is familiar. Thames International students do their initial years in the Philippines before flying out to obtain their foreign degrees under a global pandemic in “Safer Countries” like the UK.

Operations Management major Tin Sion flew to the UK this January 2021 to safely pursue her Master in Business Administration at the University of South Wales (USW).

“Honestly, it’s been quite a lovely experience so far,” shares Tin. “From my experience, the university and the government are doing their best to make the students, especially the international ones, feel safe during our stay here.”

Education at your Fingertips

Students from the Philippines who wish to postpone travelling to the UK can still do so through flexible learning via Study Anytime Anywhere OnLine (SAAOL), like Valerie Villanueva and Nikka Arciaga, who are still in Manila while doing their online degrees from British universities. They plan to fly out to the UK soon.

“Online classes shouldn’t mean that exposure to networks and cultures are limited. Being able to work with peers and classmates from different places around the globe will help me learn more about the world and be more culturally aware and sensitive,” says Nikka, who is obtaining her postgraduate program in Global Finance at the CASS Business School in London.

Valerie is an International Business major at USW under a more personalized route. “My part-time program is designed for me to plan my self-directed study easier. It is also less expensive since I do not have to pay for campus facilities and living expenses,” she explains.

Safe Travels for Learning’s Sake

After spending two years in Thames International, BS Entrepreneurship major Jolo Sto. Domingo is excited to spend his final year with Northumbria University London in September this year.

“Having this opportunity of studying and learning in a completely different environment to what we are used to in the Philippine, cultivates new perspectives and skills that may sharpen us to become disruptive figures in the industries we aim to pursue,” says Jolo who vouches for the easy and affordable application process with Thames.

World-class Education, Upgraded

Thames International is the only institution that allows you to pursue your Foreign Degree thru Flexible Learning. Contact Thames International’s admissions team via email at, mobile, 09992269796 or visit and @ThamesIntlAsia on Facebook and Instagram for more information.

Continue your studies abroad, online or onsite, anytime or anywhere, and be ready for the world!

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