TMC Iloilo revolutionizes liver surgery, achieves another surgical milestone

Iloilo’s first liver surgery guided by Intraoperative Ultrasound (IOUS).

The Medical City (TMC) Iloilo achieved another surgical milestone by having Iloilo’s first liver surgery guided by Intraoperative Ultrasound (IOUS).

A team of skilled surgeons led by Dr. Leandro Torre, Iloilo’s first and only Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgeon who completed his fellowship training in TMC Ortigas and assisted by Dr. Ryan Comuelo, Laparoscopic Surgeon, successfully performed Iloilo’s first Laparoscopic Hepatectomy (Segment 5) with Cholecystectomy under Intraoperative Ultrasound Guidance.

The patient was a 62-year-old female who got admitted because of extreme abdominal pain. After undergoing a series of diagnostic procedures, a liver tumor was discovered.

The groundbreaking procedure, which involved the removal of a liver tumor and the simultaneous removal of the gallbladder, highlights the remarkable potential of laparoscopic techniques and the integration of cutting-edge imaging technology into surgical practice here in Iloilo City.

Traditionally, this procedure leaves large incisions in patients that result in longer recovery periods and increased risks. Laparoscopic surgery, however, has become beneficial to patients as it improves outcomes, reduces post-operative pain, and ushers fast recovery with an aesthetically negligible scar.

The integration of Intraoperative Ultrasound Guidance to the said liver surgery provided real-time imaging and enhanced visualization of the surgical site. Thus, resulted in a meticulously planned and well-executed liver resection.

Through this innovative procedure, patients can experience a safer, more targeted, and precise liver surgery as it minimizes the risk of injury to adjacent structures.

Dr. Leandro Torre, TMC Iloilo Liver Surgery expert and the lead surgeon of the team who conducted the recent surgical breakthrough at TMC Iloilo is enthused about the success of the procedure and excited for more innovations in liver surgery soon.

“This milestone is indeed a welcome development to TMC Iloilo being the first hospital to conduct this liver procedure in Iloilo. This is not only beneficial to our patients, but also to us, surgeons as we can now treat our patients more accurately and improve outcomes”, Dr. Torre noted.

Moreover, TMC Iloilo’s recent milestone in liver surgery also serves as a testament to the hospital in continuing to improve its services by providing medical advancements and a pool of expert specialists to cater to the health needs of the Ilonggo community.

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