Uswag Iloilo Dialysis Centers offer free treatment to city residents

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Iloilo City residents who need hemodialysis treatment may now avail of the service at USWAG Iloilo Dialysis Center for free!

The Iloilo City Government opened Uswag Dialysis Center in East Baluarte, Molo, and is targeting to open another one in Brgy. San Isidro, Jaro. These centers will give free services to residents of the metro who are battling both chronic kidney disease and costly clinic or hospital fees.

The Uswag Iloilo Dialysis Center is a free-standing hemodialysis unit managed by the Iloilo City Government through the City Health Office. The center offers free outpatient hemodialysis treatment to any chronic kidney disease patient requiring hemodialysis.

Uswag Iloilo Dialysis Center 1 in East Baluarte, Molo.
Uswag Iloilo Dialysis Center 1 in East Baluarte, Molo.

“The centerpiece of our administration is public health that is why I made sure the dialysis center project will be realized. This is free dialysis treatment for Ilonggos who need them, and will defray them of at least P4,000 fee per dialysis session,” Mayor Jerry P. Treñas said.

The city has already inaugurated in December last year the Uswag Iloilo Dialysis Center in Molo, but it is overwhelmed with patients as it only has three units.

Hence, the city is opening a bigger San Isidro dialysis center with 14 units to cater to more patients. The existing health center at the site has been retrofitted to operate as a dialysis center.

Artist perspective of Uswag Iloilo Dialysis Center in San Isidro, Jaro.
Artist perspective of Uswag Iloilo Dialysis Center in San Isidro, Jaro.

The target opening for this is in the third quarter of this year, said Treñas.

How to avail of free dialysis

Free hemodialysis treatment at USWAG Iloilo Dialysis Center is offered to bonafide resident of Iloilo City who is indigent and active member of Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or Philhealth. Here are the requirements:
1. Certificate of Residency from the Barangay Chairman stating complete address of the patient
2. Certificate of Indigency
3. PHIC requirements:
a. PhilHealth Identification Card
b. Member Data Record (MDR)
c. PhilHeath Dialysis Database (PDD)
d. Certificate of Contribution for the last quarter
e. Certificate of benefit limit utilization
4. Other requirements for admission to the center:
a. Referral letter/hemodialysis prescription from the attending Nephrologist
b. Latest Hepatitis Profile (HBsAg, anti-HBs quantitative, anti-HCV)
c. Latest Laboratory results (such as but not limited to: CBC, creatinine, K, Na, Ca, P, Blood typing)
d. COVID-19 RT PCR test result (within 7 days from date of swab)
e. Medical abstract from previous hemodialysis unit
f. Latest 3 hemodialysis treatment record from the previous hemodialysis unit
g. List of medications
h. Record of Vaccination (Hepatitis B, Flu, Pneumonia, COVID vaccine record if available)
i. CSF (Claim Signature Form)

For details and more information on Uswag Iloilo Dialysis Center in East Baluarte, they can be reached through telephone number (033) 332-5593 or email (via Iloilo City PIO)

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