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Two pump boats plying Iloilo-Jordan, Guimaras route capsized noontime, and another one plying Buenavista-Iloilo trip 3 hours later on Saturday, August 3.

As of 7:00PM, 13 were reported dead and 18 still missing in the sea tragedy.

UPDATE as of August 4, 6:30PM: Death toll rises to 27, with 6 still missing.

Around 12:15PM, Motorbancas Chi-Chi and Keziah 2 left Parola wharf going Jordan wharf when they were hit with a squall, or a sudden and forceful gust of wind.

Iloilo Guimaras pump boat capsized.

3 Iloilo-Guimaras pump boat capsized on Saturday, August 3.

Based on manifests, MB Chi-Chi had 43 passengers and 4 crews, while MB Keziah 2 had 4 crew members and no passengers.

MB Jenny Vince also capsized while on a Buenavista-Parola trip around 3:30PM. It had 34 passengers and 4 crews.

Casualties were brought to different hospitals in Iloilo and Guimaras: 3 in St Paul’s Hospital Iloilo, 2 in Iloilo Doctors Hospital, 2 in Western Visayas Medical Center, 5 in MacLain Emergency Hospital, and 1 in Guimaras Provincial Hospital.

MB Chi-chi capsized

What’s left of MB Chi-Chi after it capsized Saturday.

Survivors in Iloilo were temporarily sheltered in CitiMall Parola terminal and brought to Iloilo City Jubilee Hall for further assistance.

List of Survivors

Names of Survivors


Names of Survivors

Names of Survivors

Names of Survivors from St Paul’s Hospital

Search and rescue operation for missing passengers is still ongoing. (Photos by Sen. Dick Gordon, Jaypee Entredicho)

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