What’s Brewing and Cooking at Molo Mansion

Molo Mansion food and coffee shops

Standing grand as a 2-story villa in the district of Molo in Iloilo City, the Molo Mansion attracts visitors because of its majestic view with a dramatic drop-off at its main entrance passing the roundabout with the fountain in the middle.

Many are drawn to the place because of its relaxing ambiance and Ilonggo heritage atmosphere. Not to mention Molo Mansion’s Instagrammable view.

With the current situation wherein social distancing is a must and without depriving one’s self to slowly get into the public sphere, Molo Mansion partnered with local entrepreneurs to offer a unique dining experience without compromising health and safety. Enjoying the food al fresco in a setting with a magnificent background is just the perfect mix to have that enjoyable dining pleasure.

Samgyup sa Park

With the popularity of Samgyupsal, Samgyup sa Park was conceptualized to offer a unique experience to diners.

The business prides itself as the first Samgyup Pinoy barbeque in Iloilo. With its signature grilled meats, food comes with free ice cream and halo-halo.

Live acoustic music sets up the mood as one enjoys the food and the surroundings.

Talk about passion and commitment in the food industry, Samgyup sa Park ensures safety protocols are being followed as tables are apart from each other. Staff are also trained to ensure safety protocols in handling food, which is served buffet style.

The store is open 4:30 pm – 9:30 pm, Friday to Sunday, and they can be reached at +63 995 197 3718 or drop them a chat at their FB page for advance reservations.

Optimistic and proud of its good affordable products, Samgyup sa Park capitalizes in the Molo Mansion outdoor dining facility and the fact that everyone wants to eat, at least at a point in their lives, in a mansion setting.


Coffee is a favorite break for young and old alike. And with the flourishing coffee shops in the city, one aims to stand out with its unique concept and perfect location.

Kurukape is themed as a Japanese Minimalist Coffee Shop and conceptualized because of its timely relevance to this generation.

Open daily from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm, the store invites everyone to try their Freshly Brewed Coffee Bean and Native Cacao Milk Chocolate. These specialties complement the relaxing place and customers need not worry of their vehicles, as there are more parking spaces in the area.
No Face Mask and Shield, No Coffee policy, and social distancing in its ordering and seating arrangement is in place so customers can be sure of strict health protocols even in food handling.

A perfect venue to celebrate Ilonggo heritage, Molo district is a populous place with a beautiful balance of the historic Molo Church and Plaza adjacent to each other all the way to the Molo Mansion, which makes one crave for more coffee.

Kurukape can be reached thru their Facebook page or thru their mobile number 0998-555-0475.

Coffee Stroll

Speaking of more coffee, Coffee Stroll is a perfect brew that gives aficionados a laid-back vibe while having their coffee.

Conceptualized as a “Cozy Outdoor Café”, the café aims to give its customers the best place to be, the best view to see and the best ambiance one can ever have.

For Coffee Stroll, Molo Mansion is the best and the perfect choice of location. Being in a cozy place, surrounded by trees, looking at the historic facade of the mansion, and the ambiance that would make everyone feel relaxed, away from the busy streets of the city. Having a cup of coffee with this kind of atmosphere offers the best feeling a person could ever have.

Coffee is everything for coffee lovers, that is why the café offers different manual brewing process and let their customers choose on how they like their coffee — Choose from lightest coffee to the strongest one and pick on what kind of process they want for their coffee. Also, they have breads, pastries and some finger food that are perfect pairs with their brew.

Open from 10:00 am till 10:00 pm daily, visitors of the Molo Mansion can try Coffee Stroll’s signature coffee Milky Espresso” and Espresso on Tonic for coffee, to pair with their Avocado Toast and Paninis.

Believing that the biggest come-on of the café is the positive energy of the area, Coffee Stroll ensures minimum health standards and even reminds customers to be conscious on health and safety. The café sanitizes everything and provides antiseptic disinfectant spray, health signages, and provides disposable containers for their diners.

For advance reservations, customers may contact via social media and through their Facebook page: Coffee Stroll and Instagram: coffee_stroll2020/ the_coffee_stroll or reach them thru mobile phone no.: 09174224778/09070718337

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