The Right Way to Deliver is in Bajaj Three-wheelers

JRS using Bajaj 3-wheelers

Customer satisfaction in receiving much-awaited parcel delivery is the “last mile delivery” goal of every logistics company. A better operating experience awaits as Bajaj Three-wheelers enter the scene.

Reduced delays and damages in parcels made companies like LAZADA, LIBCAP, and JRS EXPRESS acquire Bajaj Three-wheelers. According to testimonials and research, the main reason for this undertaking is fuel efficiency, bigger carrying capacity, and finally, safety. Here are why:

Four liters of gasoline for 200 parcels delivery

BAjaj 3-wheelers for delivery

In an interview in 2021 with Abdulmajed Marandacan, a Bajaj Courier Hero from Makati City shared his thoughts from first-hand experience – “Matipid sya sa gasolina, equivalent ng gasolina ‘nya parang sa motor. Gagasolina ako ng 200 kasi yun talaga yung budget ko sa kanya, ‘yun nagdedeliver ako, kinabukasan tanghali nanaman bago ako mag-gasolina ng 200”. Thanks to Bajaj Three-wheeler’s fuel injection technology, riders earn more because of low fuel consumption and ultimately, cheaper delivery fee for the consumers. Watch interview here:

Hassle-free delivery, even for bulky parcels

Expert says the average cost of last-mile delivery in the Philippines is 500 pesos. One of the main reasons is the limited carrying capacity of riders. With a built-in compartment and maximum payload of 310 to 515kgs, Bajaj Three-wheelers can deliver more parcels straight to your door, even the bulky ones.

Trusted by leading logistics companies

Libcap delivery using Bajaj 3-wheelers.
Libcap delivery using Bajaj 3-wheelers.

More and more logistic companies trust Bajaj Three-wheelers because of their efficient features. Riders can deliver, even if it’s raining, thanks to the solid resin roof and built-in windshield. Not to mention its Front fork suspension that absorbs bumps from the ground, fragile parcels are guaranteed to be delivered delay-free and damage-free.

Achieve delivery diskarte too, get your own Bajaj Three-wheeler now for as low as Php8,888 down payment thru this link:

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