A little diskarte goes a long way with Bajaj!

Bajaj three-wheelers

As the end of 2022 fast approaches, the tradition of gift-giving with friends and family comes alive. Yet, a much more fulfilling way to celebrate this tradition is if you gift yourself with Bajaj Maxima Z, an investment for extra income and a multi-purpose diskarte in your livelihood.

The Torrecmocha family, who hails from Bohol, started with a traditional tricycle. This husband-wife tandem quickly recognized the opportunity of earning more with the right partner in diskarte. They needed a multi-purpose three-wheeler that is flexible and durable for their hustles.

GIFT OF DISKARTE – After 2 years of saving P5 and P10 coins, they managed to get their dream multi-purpose three-wheeler partner in their habal-habal and fruit vending livelihood, the Bajaj Maxima Z.

Early in 2022, P200 worth of gas can last up to one week with the Bajaj Maxima Z thanks to its fuel-efficient technology, saving you money in the long game. Best for the rainy season because of its enclosed body and ensures that passengers and products are safe and secure inside. At the same time, the Flexi-seating advantage (60:40 and 40:60) of Bajaj Maxima Z makes it possible to carry your whole family, supplies, and products to their destination.

Bajaj three-wheelers

Carrying bulky packages is not a problem anymore because of Bajaj Maxima Z’s 800 Liters cabin space. Lastly, climbing hilly roads has never been easy because of this three-wheeler’s powerful 236.2 CC engine. It can handle ascending steep roads compared to the older generations of tricycles.

Learn more about the story of the Torrecmocha family and their Bajaj Three-wheeler via this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQqigA87d2A.

Interested in availing of the Gift of Diskarte, get your own Bajaj Maxima Z for as low as Php 6,880.00 click this to inquire: https://bit.ly/GiftOfDiskarte

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