How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers in the Philippines?

Dropshipping in the Philippines

Interested in opening a business but you don’t have any idea how to start or where to get good products to sell? Try dropshipping. This kind of business lets you begin selling even if you don’t have any of the products on hand.

Finding Dropshipping Suppliers in the Philippines

Did you know that dropshipping in the Philippines is actually a common business model, especially in online platforms like Shopee and Lazada?

But if you want to start this business, it’s important to find the best dropshipping suppliers.
Some options you can try:

Bags On Demand

They’re a legit dropshipping supplier offering bags and other products, including clothes, masks, and beauty or wellness products.
What we love about them is that they even remove their branded invoice on your customer’s order so your buyers will never know you’re getting your products from a dropshipping supplier.


It can be used with eBay and Shopify, and comes with a custom API just in case you also want to list your products on other platforms.
It’s free to join and you can earn 5-20% from the products you sell.


It integrates with your Shopee and Lazada online shops. You need to pay for a subscription catalog before you can sell through their system.
What’s great about Dropify is that it also allows COD payment options for your customers.


Do you prefer selling baby products? This dropshipping supplier offers everything you need for babies from newborns up to kids 12 years old, including toys and clothes.

It’s free to become a reseller, but you do have to purchase at least three products to activate your account.

Lynns Fashion Store

You get two options: free membership or paid reseller package.

With the reseller package, you get a preloaded shopping cart. You’re also provided with video tutorials for marketing your products.


It’s developed directly by Shopify, making it ideal as the dropshipping supplier. Plus, their platform is free to use.


It’s a China-based company but already has plenty of suppliers with warehouses in the Philippines. So, the products are already available for your customers instead of waiting for shipping from China.

Dropshipping Suppliers Based Outside the Philippines but Ship Worldwide

  •  Fashion TIY (based in China)
  •  Chinabrands
  •  CJDropshipping (based in China)
  •  Megagoods (Santa Clarita, California)

How to Choose the Best Dropshipping Supplier

The options above are just of the dropshipping suppliers you can find online, but which one should you pick for your business? Here are some tips to finding the right one:

Go Directly to the Source

The best way to learn about the company or brand is to ask them directly. Send them an email, contact them through their website, or call any of the numbers they provided.


It’s also important to check with other reliable sources if this brand is for real or not.

Watch Out for Hidden Fees

Make sure to ask for the upfront fees and other incidentals that you might need to pay – such as possible monthly or yearly membership fees, warehousing fees, etc.

Evaluate Their Location, Offers, and Your Potential Clients

It makes sense to choose a dropshipping company based in or has a warehouse in the Philippines if you’re selling to Philippine-based customers.

This ensures that they can quickly ship your products to customers without issues with customs and international shipping.

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