Fall in Love with Spa Riviera’s Gayuma

After a hectic day at work, or a busy time at home taking care of your family, you deserve to escape from the routine, and the best way to do it is to get a rejuvenating massage in the quiet and calming environment of a spa. Slip out of the real world, and lose yourself for an hour or two at Spa Riviera.

But, there are cases that a simple or traditional massage may not be enough to work out the stress from your body. It is for this reason that Spa Riviera offers a special package aptly called Gayuma. Just like what its name connotes, it is like a love potion that once you experience it you can’t help but fall in love with it. Gayuma will not only give much relief to your tired muscles, but will also revitalize your senses and energize you.

The Gayuma Experience

“There are days that I am exhausted and having a massage was not enough,” says Anna Marie Rivera-Wharton, CEO of Spa Riviera. “So, after much thought, we decided to create an overindulging package, and came up with Gayuma. I promise you that once you experience it, you want to experience it again.”

Designed for deep relaxation, the experience starts with a steaming sauna and a cold shower to calm you. Alternate hot and cold temperature relaxes your body and readies you for rest. After a brief, invigorating shower, you will be led to a private room for an awake-the-senses body scrub; what else can awaken the senses better than coffee? One of the spa’s professional massage therapists will begin by giving you a stimulating and rejuvenating body scrub – the Barako Body Scrub. Grounds of Barako coffee will be scrubbed all over your body to exfoliate and invigorate your skin, and alleviate the tension in your tired muscles. That is not all. For a complete foot relaxation, you will be given a blissful head to toe massage.

A hot compress is applied on your back as the competent hands of the therapist will work the muscles in your entire body.

But wait, you are not done yet. Next comes Gayuma, a hot stone massage. You will feel all the tiredness and soreness go away as the energy of the healing stones delve deeper into your muscles and senses, removing whatever stress and tension there is, until your whole being will be entirely rejuvenated. After this indulging experience, you go home ready to face the world again.

Ilonggo Hospitality

Do you know that the spa’s signature greeting is “Maayong Gugma”? It is an apt welcome and invitation for local and tourists to experience “gugma”, the Ilonggo way at Spa Riviera, your everyday getaway.

Spa Riviera Main is located at Gen. Luna Street with telephone number 338.2332. It has branches in Mandurriao and Jaro with telephone numbers 5034072 and 3294171 respectively.

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