6 Top Features to Look for in a New Washing Machine

New washing machine features

Having a washing machine is a boon to any household. It certainly saves you precious time and physical effort from doing the laundry by hand. It also helps make sure that your clothes still end up fresh and fragrant, especially during those rainy months when the sun isn’t shining and clothes are extremely difficult to dry out on the clothesline.

However, if it is your first time to buy a washing machine in the Philippines, you might find that it is one of the most complicated appliances to purchase because there are so many brands, models, and types to choose from. First of all, in general, it is best to go with a fully automatic washing machine. You just have to plug it in, toss in the dirty clothes and detergent, and press start. You can leave it alone and just come back for it later!

A fully automatic washing machine is the most ideal choice if you are looking to really save time and effort with your laundry. You can do other chores such as cooking or cleaning while the washer does its job. In comparison, a semi-automatic washing machine would require you to intervene in the washing process manually, such as filling the tub with water and draining it afterward. Usually, there is a separate tub for drying, so you would need to transfer the clothes yourself as well.

Now, if you are going for a fully automatic washing machine, it is then important to understand its various functions and features because these are what usually affect the washing machine price in the Philippines. The more complicated a washing machine is in terms of features, the more expensive it usually is. Understandably so, because the manufacturer spent more resources in creating the product.

In any case, you shouldn’t fret because selecting the right fully automatic washing machine can be easy as long as you keep in mind what you really need. For starters, here’s a list of the top features that you should consider when buying a fully automatic washing machine:

Spin Dryer

A fully automatic machine would usually already include a spin dry function that leaves your clothes free from water as much as possible. It may not completely dry your clothes as a dedicated heat dryer would, but this feature definitely minimizes the length of time needed to hang your laundry on the clothesline after washing.

Pre-Set Washing Programs

This is where fully automatic washing machines would vary greatly. Some of the most basic settings that a fully automatic machine should have are a gentle cycle for delicate items such as underwear, and a heavy duty cycle for bigger items such as blankets and comforters. Other settings would depend on the size of the load and the intensity of washing that you desire.

Detergent Dispenser

Some fully automatic machines can dispense liquid detergent or fabric conditioner at specific intervals during the washing process. All you have to do is pour them into designated slots before starting the washing process. This is great if you are meticulous about using special types of detergents or additives for your clothes as you wouldn’t need to interrupt the cycle just to incorporate them into the wash.

Extra Rinse

This feature is useful if you or a family member has an allergy or sensitivity to detergents and chemicals. An extra rinse can help ensure that there are no residues left on your clothes. This can also prevent white marks that some brands of detergent may leave behind, especially on darker colored clothing and items.

Energy Efficiency

With the prohibitive cost of electricity nowadays, it is important to consider a washing machine that is energy efficient. You can determine this by checking the label that displays the unit’s energy rating. This is usually expressed in the total kilowatt hours per year that it consumes. There is also a rating system that gives more starts to a washing machine model that is more energy efficient. You can also check out online reviews and product websites to check the accuracy of these claims.

Balance Correction

This is a great value-added feature for top-loading washing machines. Sometimes, if you don’t distribute the clothes evenly around the tub, this can cause an imbalance and disrupt the washing process. It will usually manifest as a loud, knocking sound caused by the tub hitting the unit’s housing. This may also damage the machine in the long run. An automatic balance correction feature redistributes the bunched-up load by pouring in more water or by slowing down the spinning of the tub.

There are many other bells and whistles that various models of fully automatic washing machines offer. That’s why it is important to know the right features that would make a particular unit the most useful to you. Always remember that not all washing machines are created the same. A washing machine with just the right features is what will make the biggest difference in your daily household life.

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