Grab reiterates strong support for delivery riders

Grab Philippines Country Operations Head CJ Lacsican, Regional Operations Head Jo-Ann Yoshida, and PR Head Arvi Lopez.

Grab Philippines continued its commitment and strong support for its delivery partners by providing assistance and other benefits for their long-term success.

Grab’s Country Operations Head CJ Lacsican, PR Head Arvi Lopez, and Regional Operations Manager Jo-Ann Yoshida were in the city recently to dialogue with the riders/delivery partners to show their support and address their concerns.

In a press conference, Lacsican said that the company provide end-to-end assistance to their delivery partners. “Upon onboarding, Grab riders undergo trainings on how to handle customers, restaurants, how to use the app, etc. For existing ones, Grab gives refresher trainings on safety, code of conduct especially in dealing with customers and merchants,” Lacsican said.

Further, the company has 24/7 help centers ready to answer queries and concerns of the riders. Grab also has an office in Iloilo City where they can go and ask for help.

Assistance and upskilling program

Grab has its own assistance program called GrabCare Package which is exclusive to all active driver-partners. It is designed to offer driver partners additional support, which includes calamity assistance, insurance, emergency top-up, hospital assistance, educational assistance, and burial assistance.

“If may aksidente pong mangyari sa daan, they are all insured. They are covered with accident insurance,” Lacsican emphasized.

Grab is also making sure that the delivery partners are ready for life outside of Grab by offering them upskilling programs such as their GrabAcademy online platform, a partnership with Microsoft to provide its driver- and delivery-partners across the country free and equitable access to new learning and development opportunities.

GrabAcademy offers courses on entrepreneurship, baking, farming, and milk tea-making. With knowledge of these additional skills, they can make the most out of their earnings and training from the Grab platform, and create external opportunities for others.

“We don’t see them as pangmatagalan na driver/delivery-partner. We also wanted to make sure that in terms of their long-term aspirations, we are also able to help support them towards that,” said Lopez.

Grab assistance to drivers, riders, delivery partners

Social protection

Grab has partnered with the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), Social Security System (SSS), and Pag-IBIG Fund-announced its Social Protection Program which helps create a stronger social safety net for Grab driver- and delivery partners in the Philippines, by supporting, educating, and connecting Grab partners to various social welfare services of the government.

Grab is the first platform in the Philippines to proactively roll out a robust, multi-agency social protection program for driver and delivery-partner welfare. This program is a result of months-long dialogue and discussion with various government agencies, which aims to educate and connect its driver partners on the government’s various social welfare services, including but not limited to:

  • Affordable social insurance that can be used for retirement, disability, death, funeral, sickness, maternity, and work-related contingencies for self-employed SSS members. Availment of salary loans for active and contributing self-employed SSS members and pension loans for retirement pensioners.
  • Accessible healthcare services such as assistance on the hospital bills, room and board subsidies, medication and professional services exclusively offered to PhilHealth members.
  • National savings program and affordable housing financing for qualified PAG-IBIG members.

This program recently piloted in Metro Manila and will be scaled to different Grab cities and communities across the Philippines.

Scams and reimbursement

With the proliferation of scammers victimizing delivery partners, Grab makes sure that their riders will not be on the losing end by implementing a robust reimbursement system.

“As soon as they have filed their claims, our team quickly reacts on it and within 24 hours they get reimbursed. We also check the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) of the phone that was used to create the hoax account, and we block that so that they couldn’t create another account in the future,” Lopez explained.

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